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Sullivan (Japanese: スズムラ Suzumura) is a character of the day who appeared in Whiscash and Ash.

A self-proclaimed "fishing god", Sullivan's ultimate goal is to capture a Whiscash nicknamed Nero. He has an extensive collection of fishing lures and rods. For 50 years, Sullivan tried countless times to catch the Pokémon, but he always failed. He hoped that, with the help of Ash and his friends, he would finally achieve his goal. Ash wanted to catch Nero as well since the Pokémon had eaten his Badge case.

Even though Sullivan described himself as a fishing legend, Ash caught Nero on a fishing rod, forced it onto land, and weakened it with Grovyle's Pound. After a foiled attempt at capturing Nero by Team Rocket, Sullivan sent out his Flaaffy, nicknamed Hannah, to battle Nero and decided to use his secret weapon: a Master Ball. He threw it, but the Water/Ground Pokémon opened its mouth and ate the Ball.

Though he was stunned by this, Sullivan remained optimistic, vowing to never give up on trying to catch Nero, claiming that the hunt would always be exciting for him. Wishing Ash luck on his next Gym battle, he said the group was welcome to stop by whenever they felt like fishing.


Hannah (Japanese: ハマちゃん Hama-chan), Sullivan's Flaaffy, is Sullivan's only known Pokémon. Sullivan sent out Hannah in order to weaken Nero. After using several different attacks, Sullivan told Hannah to use its Thunder Shock attack, which failed due to Nero being part Ground-type. It was at this point that Sullivan tried to use his Master Ball to capture Nero.

Hannah's known moves are Iron Tail, Dynamic Punch, and Thunder Shock.

Debut Whiscash and Ash
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Otani
English Rachel Lillis

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大川透 Tōru Ōkawa
English Brian Maillard
Finnish Arto Nieminen
European French Jean-Marc Delhausse
Brazilian Portuguese Sidney Lilla
European Spanish Héctor Cantolla


  • Sullivan's outfit has a symbol of a Whiscash on the back.

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