Subway Bosses' Stamp Rally

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A Subway Bosses Stamp Rally podium

The Subway Bosses' Stamp Rally is an annual three-day event that takes place across the Nimbasa City subway network.

Cilan holding up a Stamp Rally pad

Competitors may enter at any time over the course of the three days, as they are tasked with traveling between Nimbasa's 60 stations to add all 60 different Pokémon stamps to their competition pads. The stamps are located at special podiums found at each station. The winning prize is a chance to battle one of the Subway Bosses, Emmet or Ingo. The Stamp Rally ends at 4:00 pm on the third day.

In Lost at the Stamp Rally!, Cilan competed in the Subway Bosses's Stamp Rally in a bid to battle either Emmet or Ingo. However, he was distracted while trying to help another competitor Erina, who had lost her Axew. As a result, he failed to get the final stamp needed to win the Stamp Rally. As gratitude for helping her find her Axew, Erina gave up her only stamp to Cilan, while Emmet and Ingo agreed to have a special Tag Battle against Cilan and Ash.

Known competitors

Trainer Place
Cilan Winner*
Erina N/A

In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Metropomojen leimajahti
Italy Flag.png Italian Caccia ai Timbri dei Capimetrò
Poland Flag.png Polish Pieczątkowy Wyścig Szefów Metra

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