Subway Boss Ingo

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ノボリ Nobori
Black White Ingo.png
Art from Pokémon Black and White
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Relatives Emmet (twin brother)
Trainer class Subway Boss
Generation V
Games Black, White, Black 2, and White 2
Anime debut Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!
English voice actor Marc Diraison
Japanese voice actor Kensuke Satō

Subway Boss Ingo (Japanese: サブウェイマスターノボリ Subway Master Nobori) is one of the leaders of the Battle Subway in Pokémon Black and White, along with Emmet.

In the games

Ingo can be battled in a Single Battle on the Single and Super Single lines and with Emmet in a Tag Battle on the Multi and Super Multi lines. He uses the same teams in both Black and White and Black 2 and White 2.


Single and Super Single lines

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Multi and Super Multi lines

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Black 2 and White 2

In addition to battles in the Battle Subway, Ingo and his brother are fought in a tag battle with the player and his or her opposite-gendered counterpart as part of the story.


Pokémon Black and White

Single line

  • Before battle
"Thank you for riding the Battle Subway today. I am the Subway Boss Ingo. I will choose the next destination based on your talent. Do you understand Pokémon well? Can you hold on to your principle? Will you go on to victory or defeat? All aboard!"
  • When victorious
"Ah. Your battle was not bad at all. However, we seem to have done slightly better than you. We would really like to battle with you again! Please ride the Battle Subway again!"
  • When defeated
"Bravo!! Your talent has brought you to the destination called Victory! However, your journey has just started. When you choose your next destination, go full speed ahead!"

Super Single line

  • Before battle
"Welcome! I've been waiting for you! Let me introduce myself... I am the Subway Boss Ingo. What can I see after winning, winning, and winning? Where is my destination? I've kept thinking, and I've learned one thing. That is, you cannot know what happens after winning without winning. Therefore, I will exert every possible effort to battle with you. All aboard!"
  • When victorious
"I have won this time, but your talent is very strong! Your tactics...reading... You have great skills. That's right! I would like to battle you again and again! Please ride the Battle Subway again soon!"
  • When defeated
"Bravo! Excellent!! I am glad that I fought so hard against a wonderful Trainer like you. That's right! You grow stronger by matching yourself against a strong opponent. Please do your best and run toward the destination, an even higher state."

Multi line

  • Before battle
"I am a Subway Boss, Ingo. The fellow over to the side is also a Subway Boss, Emmet. Will a Multi Battle help us cover each other's weakness? Or will you show your overwhelming power? I look forward to seeing how well you fight. However, it is difficult to win unless you and your partner are in total sync."
  • When victorious
"We make a good two-car train, Ingo and Emmet. This time, we worked together toward a victory. However, your abilities are very impressive."
  • When defeated
"Bravo!! What you showed us is a spark as Trainers. However, let me say just one thing. Winning against us is a milestone in your life. You can rack up more and more. Please move on toward an even greater goal!"

Super Multi line

  • Before battle
"Let me introduce myself again. I am a Subway Boss, Ingo! Well, there is nothing else to say for the person who comes all the way here. Let's have the greatest battle, better than ever before."
  • When victorious
"We, Ingo and Emmet, are a two-car train. This time, we were able to work toward a victory. Well, will you stop here? Or will you challenge us again? It's up to you. But let me say one thing. There is no terminal called End in your life!"
  • When defeated
"Bravo!! Really excellent! The best combination of you and your Pokémon. It is incredible! When you and someone else combine, your engine powers something special! If you like, please challenge us with a different combination."

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

In front of the Battle Subway

"I'm a Subway Boss. My name is Ingo! Usually, I'm having Pokémon battles in the subway that departs from Gear Station."
  • Before battle
"Having a battle in a place like this is a little irregular, but this must've happened for a reason. Battling in a different place will let me see different scenery, and I might learn something, too. Now, Emmet, if you have something to add, please!"
  • When defeated
"Bravo!! What you showed us is the spark of Trainers. However, let me say just one thing. Please move on to an even greater goal."
  • After being defeated
"Bravo! The combination of you and your Pokémon is truly fantastic!"
"Yes! Definitely! Next time, please ride the subway and battle with us there! Well then, we're off! All aboard!"


Spr BW Ingo.png Ingo BW OD.png Spr B2W2 Ingo.png Ingo OD.png
Ingo's sprite from
Black and White
Ingo's overworld sprite from
Black and White
Ingo's sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Ingo's overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2

In the anime

Ingo in the anime

Ingo made his debut appearance at the end of Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief! along with Emmet where they detected Team Rocket's tampering with the track switches. In The Beartic Mountain Feud! the pair went in search of what or who was causing these disturbances and they caught a glimpse of two figures—Jessie and James—before they disappeared into the shadows.

In Crisis from the Underground Up! and Battle for the Underground!, Ingo and his brother met Ash, Cilan, and Iris as the subway they were riding had stopped. After Pokémon had been stolen from the Pokémon Center, Ingo and Emmet teamed up with the trio to stop Team Rocket and retrieve all the stolen Pokémon.

Ingo and his brother reappeared in Lost at the Stamp Rally!, where they helped a young girl, Erina, locate her lost Axew. Afterwards, they rewarded Ash and Cilan's good deed by having a Tag Battle against them, who were using Tepig and Pansage respectively. Despite Ash and Cilan pushing their hardest, they were finally defeated as Ingo's Chandelure stopped the two Pokémon with Psychic, so Emmet's Eelektross was able to knock them out with a Thunderbolt.

Ingo made a cameo appearance in a flashback in BW099, along with Emmet, when Soran and Riku recalled how they had once defeated the Subway Bosses in a Tag Battle.

Ingo is referred to as "big brother" by Emmet in the original version of the anime indicating that he's the older of the twins.


Ingo's Chandelure
Chandelure was used to aid in retrieving the stolen Pokémon from Team Rocket.

It appeared again in Lost at the Stamp Rally! alongside Emmet's Eelektross in a battle against Cilan and Ash.

It also appeared in a brief flashback in BW099.

Chandelure's known moves are Psychic, Will-O-Wisp and Smog.

Debut Battle For The Underground!
Voice actors
Japanese Misato Fukuen
English Sean Schemmel

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤健輔 Kensuke Satō
English Marc Diraison
Danish Thomas Kirk
German Wolfgang Schatz
Spanish Latin America Dafnis Fernéndez
Spain Luis Reina

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Ingo in Pokémon Adventures

Ingo, along with his brother, Emmet, are first seen walking around Gear Station. Later, they are introduced as the Subway Bosses of the newly-created Battle Subway to Black and White. According to the Mayor of Nimbasa City, they were recruited by him because of their strength.

Later, when White is invited to take part in the Battle Subway, she boards the train with the Subway Bosses in order to get stronger. Because of their odd, almost robotic behavior, White seems to be afraid of them.


Ingo's Klinklang
Klinklang was seen next to Ingo while White was testing the Battle Subway.

None of Klinklang's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter


Language Name Origin
Japanese ノボリ Nobori From 上り線 nobori-sen, in-bound line.
English Ingo Possibly from "ingoing," as in "in-going line."
French Chammal From shamal, a northwesterly wind in the Middle East.
German Hin From hin und her, back and forth.
Italian Andy From andare, to go.
Spanish Fero From ferrocarril, railway.
Korean 상행 Sanghaeng From 상행 (上行) sanghaeng, up train.
Chinese (Mandarin) 北尚 Běishàng Sounds similar to 北上 běishàng, northbound.

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