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ノボリ Nobori
Art from magazine scan, on the right
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Subway Master
Generation V
Games Black and White

Subway Master Nobori (Japanese: サブウェイマスターノボリ Subway Master Nobori) is one of the leaders of the Battle Subway in Pokémon Black and White, along with Kudari.

In the games

Nobori can be battled in a single battle on the Green and Dark Green lines and with Kudari in a tag battle on the Orange and Yellow lines.

Green and Dark Green lines

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle

Yellow and Orange lines

On 21st consecutive battle

On 49th consecutive battle


  • Nobori and Kudari have names that mean exactly the opposite: Nobori comes from 上る noboru, which means to climb or to go up and Kudari comes from 下る kudaru, which means to go down.

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