Strange Souvenir

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Strange Souvenir
Mysterious Ornament
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Strange Souvenir
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Introduced in Generation VI
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Power 30

The Strange Souvenir (Japanese: ふしぎなおきもの Mysterious Ornament) is a valuable item introduced in Generation VI.

In Pokémon X and Y, the player is given the Strange Souvenir by a mysterious NPC who hints it is from a then-unrevealed region. This region was later revealed to be Alola.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
SMUSUM $3,000 $1,500


The Strange Souvenir serves no practical purpose other than to be sold.


Games Description
XYORAS An ornament depicting a Pokémon that is venerated as a protector in some region far from Kalos.
An ornament depicting a mysterious Pokémon that has been venerated as a guardian deity for an extremely long time in the Alola region.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
XY Any hotel (from a Backpacker after meeting him four times)
ORAS Trade
SMUSUM Malie City Thrifty Megamart

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 神秘擺設 Sàhnbei Báaichit
Mandarin 神秘擺設 / 神秘摆设 Shénmì Bǎishè
France Flag.png French Bibelot Bizarre
Germany Flag.png German Skurriloskulptur
Italy Flag.png Italian Strano ninnolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이상한장식품 Isanghan Jangsikpum
Spain Flag.png Spanish Estatuilla Rara

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