Stephan's Sawk

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Stephan's Sawk
ケニヤンのダゲキ Kenyan's Dageki
Poké Ball
Stephan Sawk.png
Stephan's Sawk
Debuts in The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga VS Sawk!
Caught at Unova
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Stephan
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Sawk Kiyotaka Furushima N/A

Stephan's Sawk (Japanese: ケニヤンのダゲキ Kenyan's Dageki) is the second Pokémon Stephan was revealed to have on hand. He made his first appearance in The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga VS Sawk!


Stephan and Sawk

Sawk was first used during the Club Battle tournament in where he battled against Iris's Emolga. Sawk proved a troublesome opponent for Emolga, as he could use his Close Combat to block Emolga's Attract. Stephan had stated that since Sawk is a all male species, he trained him specifically to defend himself against gender based attacks. However, when attacking Emolga, her Static ability kicked in, paralyzing Sawk. When Emolga launched a barrage of Attracts, Sawk was forced to block them all with Close Combat, lowering his defenses gradually. Eventually, Sawk's paralysis rendered him immobile, allowing Emolga to defeat him with a single Volt Switch.

In BW069, Stephan entered a competition for the Bell of Wishes Festival and chose Sawk as his partner. His Trainer attempted to take his belt from him for the scavenger hunt portion of the contest as the item he needed was a Black Belt. However, he did not give it up so easily. Later, he cosplayed as Nurse Joy's Audino for the dress-up portion of the contest which helped the two get through to the next portion. During the final portion, he helped deflect the attacks of the Pokémon trying to blow out Stephan's Litwick candle as the two climbed Mistralton Tower. Thanks to their teamwork, and a little help from Litwick, Stephan was able to win the contest.

Sawk was Stephan's chosen Pokémon for the Donamite tournament in BW070 where his first opponent was Edmond's Seismitoad. Due to the sudden rain, Sawk had a hard time keeping up with Seismitoad who had activated its ability, Swift Swim. However he was able to slow it down using Low Sweep and finished it off with a powerful Close Combat. During the break, Bianca was admiring how strong Sawk was when they were approached by the previous year's tournament winner, Masaomi. Sawk was then introduced to his tournament rival, a Throh that belonged to Masaomi. In a sign of disrespect, Throh pushed Sawk out of his way as he walked by which only made the Karate Pokémon more eager to battle him. However Stephan managed to calm him down and said their time for battle would come.

Personality and characteristics

True to his species norm, Sawk is a dedicated fighter and always takes a battle seriously. He seems to be protective of his black belt as he wasn't so willing to give it to Stephan for the scavenger hunt portion of the Bell of Wishes Festival contest. He doesn't seem to mind acting or dressing up as he looked quite content dressed as Nurse Joy's Audino and did a good imitation of it for another portion of the same contest. Sawk can also become flustered when he feels another Pokémon is being disrespectful towards him, as seen in BW070 when Masaomi's Throh bumped shoulders with him.

Moves used

Stephan Sawk Low Sweep.png
Using Low Sweep
Move First Used In
Close Combat  The Battle Club Hearts of Fury: Emolga VS Sawk!
Bulk Up  The Battle Club Hearts of Fury: Emolga VS Sawk!
Double Kick The Battle Club Hearts of Fury: Emolga VS Sawk!
Low Sweep  BW069
Karate Chop  BW070
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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