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Stella (Japanese: アツコ Atsuko) is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in It's Mr. Mime Time. Her Japanese voice actress is 雪乃五月 Satsuki Yukino and her English voice actress is Tara Jayne.

Stella has long, knee-length blue hair, usually wears a red ringmaster's outfit, and carries a whip. She has a fair complexion, round, pink earings, and dark green eyes.

Stella is the ringmaster of a Pokémon circus which once camped on the outskirts of Pallet Town. The star of the show was a Mr. Mime, but one day it stopped listening to Stella and just sat in its trailer all day eating and becoming overweight.

Seemingly sweet in out-of-circus situations, she gets really tough when training her circus Pokémon, as evident when she trained Ash to act as a Mr. Mime. According to Misty, "She's not as sweet as she looks, is she?" She's definitely strong-willed and not an ordinary girl, as she will do anything just to keep her circus show going.

Apparent from her own Mr. Mime's misdemeanor at the beginning of the episode, she trained her Pokémon too hard, such that Mr. Mime refused to perform. She cares for her Pokémon very much, though, as seen near the end when she carried Mr. Mime on her back so he wouldn't be caught by Team Rocket. Stella also said herself that she admitted having trained Mr. Mime too hard, and that she wants him to return to her circus, which he eventually did.


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