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'''If a Pokémon is not selected'''
'''If a Pokémon is not selected'''
:''"...Oh? You don't need me to judge. I get it."''
:''"...Oh? You don't need me to judge. I get it."''
'''If an Egg is selected'''
:''"Judge an Egg?! That's a tall order even for me!"''

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A stats judge is a character in the game that are able to read the Individual values (IVs) of a selected Pokémon and determine the range of values which the IVs fall under. Introduced in Generation III, these characters are usually located at a Battle Facility within the game.

In Generation III

In Generation III, the stat judge is known as the Legendary Top Pokémon Breeder, and is an elderly Pokémon Breeder found in the building right behind the Pokémon Center at the Battle Frontier. He has raised Pokémon for seventy years, and is able to tell a Pokémon's inherent ability just by looking.

IVs and quotes

The Legendary Top Pokémon Breeder will read the IVs of Pokémon. The first reading he gives is on the Pokémon's overall IV total. The second reading is of the highest individual IV. If two or more stats share the highest IVs, he will randomly choose from among them.


  • First time
"For 70 years I have raised Pokémon! I am the man they revere as the legendary top Pokémon Breeder! If you ever become as seasoned as me, you'll see the abilities of Pokémon at a glance. You're a Trainer. Doesn't it interest you to know your own Pokémon's abilities? Here! Let's have a look at your Pokémon!"
  • Subsequent times
"Ah, youngster! Do your Pokémon's abilities intrigue you? Here, here! Let's have a look at your Pokémon!""
  • If no Pokémon is chosen
"What? You have no time for my advice? You should always be eager to learn from the experiences of your elders!"

Sum of all Individual Values

  • Range 0-90: "This one, overall, I would describe as being of average ability."
  • Range 91-120: "This one, overall, I would describe as having better-than-average ability."
  • Range 121-150: "This one, overall, I would say is quite impressive in ability!"
  • Range 151-186: "This one, overall, I would say is wonderfully outstanding in ability!"

Pokémon's Ability IV Total
Average 0 to 90
Better-Than-Average 91 to 120
Quite Impressive 121 to 150
Wonderfully Outstanding 151 to 186

Highest Individual Value

"Incidentally, the best aspect of it, I would say, is its <stat>..."

  • IV range 0-15: "That stat is relatively good. ...Hmm... That's how I call it."
  • IV range 16-25: "That stat is quite impressive. ...Hmm... That's how I call it."
  • IV range 26-30: "That stat is outstanding! ...Hmm... That's how I call it."
  • IV of 31: "It's flawless! A thing of perfection! ...Hmm... That's how I call it."

Highest IV Range
Relatively Good 0 to 15
Quite Impressive 16 to 25
Outstanding 26 to 30
Flawless 31

In Generation IV

In the Battle Tower from Pokémon Platinum onwards, there is a man who considers himself a judge of Trainer's Pokémon standing at the lobby next to the PC. He can appraise one of the player's Pokémon by looking at its stats, specifically by checking how high the IVs are. First he describes the Pokémon's "potential", which is based on the sum of all six IVs. Then he indicates which stat has the highest IV and what range it falls in. If two or more IVs are tied for the highest then he will choose only one of them to comment on.

In Sinnoh, he selects which highest stat he'll report randomly. In Johto, he cycles through the stats in the following order: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. If a different Pokémon is shown, then the cycle will not reset.

Pokémon's Potential IV Total
Decent 0 to 90
Above Average 91 to 120
Relatively Superior 121 to 150
Outstanding 151 to 186

Highest IV Range
Rather Decent 0 to 15
Very Good 16 to 25
Fantastic 26 to 30
Can't Be Better 31

In Generation V

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In Pokémon Black and White, the Judge is located in Gear Station, which houses the Battle Subway facility. However, he will only appear after the player has defeated Team Plasma.

Similar to the stat judge in Generation IV, the Judge will describe the Pokémon's "potential" which is based on the sum of all six IVs, as well as the stat with the highest IV and its range. In the case whereby there is a tie between the stats of the highest IVs, the Judge will list out all the stats instead of one, in the order: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed.


Initial introduction

"You can call me the Judge. Heh heh, that's actually not my real name, but it's what everyone calls me. It's because of this weird power I have. It's a gift, really. I can discern--judge, you might say--the overall potential of individual Pokémon. If you'd like, I could judge the intriguing potential of your Pokémon."

Subsequent introductions

"If you'd like, I could judge the intriguing potential of your Pokémon."

After selecting a Pokémon

"I see, I see..."
"This Pokémon's potential is <potential> overall."
"That's my determination, and it's final."
"Incidentally, I would say the best potential lies in its <best stat>."
(if there are 2 or more equally good best stats, then he will use one of the following lines:)
"And its Attack stat is also good."
"I see, its Defense stat is also good."
"Its Sp.Atk stat is equally good."
"Its Sp. Def stat is good as well."
"Well, its Speed stat is also good."
"It's <highest IV> in that regard. That's how I judged it."

If a Pokémon is not selected

"...Oh? You don't need me to judge. I get it."

If an Egg is selected

"Judge an Egg?! That's a tall order even for me!"

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