Stark Mountain

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Stark Mountain Unknown
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Nothern Sinnoh,
end of Route 227
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Stark Mountain Map.png
Location of Stark Mountain in Sinnoh.
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Stark Mountain (Japanese: ハードマウンテン Hard Mountain) is home to the Legendary Pokémon Heatran. The Pokémon is only available on the second time through the mountain, after revisiting Buck's Grandfather's house in the Survival Area. Players are required to have Pokémon with Strength and Rock Smash to proceed through the volcano. After encountering their rival, players will find Buck, who will travel with them through the mountain, up to the point where Heatran is encountered.

The Flame Plate is found inside Stark Mountain, by using the Dowsing Machine.



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Name Games Location Levels Rate
All Times
Rhyhorn D P Grass 22, 24 5%
Rhydon D P Grass 55 20%
Numel D P Grass 22, 24 5%
Camerupt D P Grass 55 20%
Skarmory D P Grass 56 5%
Weezing D P Grass 55 10%
Fearow D P Grass 54-55 20%
Graveler D P Grass 54,56 15%
Fearow D P Grass 54-55 20%
Graveler D P Grass 54,56 15%
Fearow D P Grass 54-55 10%
Graveler D P Grass 54,56 5%
Banette D P Grass 54 10%
Golbat D P Grass 54 10%
Special Pokémon
Torkoal D P Poké Radar 24,55 22%
Magby D P Dongle method
22 8%
Gligar D P Dongle method
22 8%


Name Games Location First Room Large Room
Levels Rate Levels Rate
Geodude D P Cave 25, 27 5% 27, 29 5%
Graveler D P Cave 55 20% 57 20%
Onix D P Cave 54 5% 56 5%
Golbat D P Cave 54 10% 56 10%
Machoke D P Cave 56 10% 58 10%
Weezing D P Cave 56 10% 58 10%
Camerupt D P Cave 25, 27 5% 27, 29 5%
Special Pokemon
Magby D P Dongle method
25 8% 27 8%



Dragon Tamer Darien


Double battles with Buck as a partner

Ace Trainer Abel & Ace Trainer Monique

Ace Trainer Keenah & Ace Trainer Kassandra

Ace Trainer Stefan & Ace Trainer Jasmin

Bird Keeper Krystal & Black Belt Ray

Psychic Chelsey & Psychic Sterling

Veteran Harlan & Dragon Tamer Kenny

Ace Trainer Skylar & Ace Trainer Natasha

Dragon Tamer Drake & Black Belt Jarrett



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