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===Testing Director===
===Testing Director===
*Michael Kelbaugh
*Michael Kelbaugh
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This list of staff members worked on the game Pokémon Puzzle League.


Original Puzzle Game Concept

  • Hitoshi Yamagami
  • Toshitaka Muramatsu

Creative Director Producer

  • Yukimi Shimura

Game Designers

  • Bill Giese
  • Brett Ballow
  • A.J. Redmer

Game Design Assistants

  • Keith Souhrada
  • Kyle Carlson

Puzzle Creators

  • Hitoshi Yamagami
  • Brett Ballow
  • Kyle Carlson
  • Jeffrey Storbo
  • Tom Hertzog
  • David Hunziker
  • Nicko Gonzalez
  • Todd Buechele
  • Robin Clark
  • Brent Clearman
  • Bill Giese
  • Keith Souhrada

Technical Director

  • Claude Comair


  • Stephen Lee
  • Robert Champagne
  • Yoonjoon Lee

Sound Programmers

  • Rory Johnston
  • Emory Georges


  • Toshihiro Nishii
  • Shinya Yamamoto

Support Engineers

  • David Gallarda
  • Samir Abou-Samra
  • Scott Bassett
  • Jun Pan
  • Sun Tjen Fan
  • Yan Ly

Art Directors

  • Mike Harrington
  • Raymond Yan

Lead Artist

  • Mark Trono

Production Artists

  • Michelle Lu
  • Emerson H. Lavadia
  • Michael Yuki
  • Ronald Lamont Hall
  • Lawrence Ruelos
  • Steve Petofalyi
  • Jack Snowden

Cleanup Artists

  • Steve Meahan
  • Marco Falsitta
  • John Luchak
  • Scott Lubker
  • Ryan Rivera
  • Ryan Leeper
  • David Tran
  • Roland Dela Cuesta

Concept Artists

  • Ken Christiansen
  • Adi Granov
  • Mark Trono
  • Emerson H. Lavadia

Art Interns

  • Matt Collins
  • Jason Kim
  • Brian Labore

Original Character Art/Animation Film Production

  • Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd.
  • Oriental Light & Magic Inc.

Audio Director

  • Lawrence Schwedler

Sound Effect Creator

  • Ryoji Yoshitomi

Recording Producers

  • Norman Grossfield
  • Kathy Borland

Music Producer

  • John Loeffler

Music Production Coordinator

  • Julian Schwars

Original Musical Score

  • John Siegler
  • Marry Corallo
  • Louis Cortelezzi
  • Ken Cumminos
  • Neil Jason
  • Michael Whalen
  • Ralph Schucketit
  • Brian Steckler
  • Lawrence Schwedler

Testing Director

  • Michael Kelbaugh

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