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*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 6
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 6
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]
'''Sage Neal'''
'''[[Sage]] Neal'''
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 6
*{{p|Bellsprout}} level 6
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]
[[Image:GSC Sage.png|left]]

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Sprout Tower (Japanese: マダツボミのとう Madatsubomi Tower) is a pagoda in Violet City in Johto. It is inhabited by monks who teach that all living beings coexist through cooperation. These monks train Bellsprout, and occasionally Hoothoot.

As trainers battle, the flexible pagoda shakes from side to side. This flexibility protects the tall tower from earthquakes. This technology is now known as 柔構造 jūkōzō, and applied to hundreds of modern high-rise buildings. Legend has it that a 100 foot Bellsprout was used to make the swaying pillar.

As night falls, ghosts are said to appear in the tower, in the form of Gastly.

The design of Sprout Tower is inspired by Buddhist temples in the Nara Prefecture of Japan, such as Kofukuji and Horyuji temples.


Sage Nico

Sage Chow

Sage Edmond

Sage Jin

Sage Neal

Sage Troy

Sage Li

After defeating Sage Li, players receive HM05 (Flash).


Name Games Location Levels Rate
Morning and Day
Rattata G S C 2F, 3F 3-6 100%
Rattata G S C 2F, 3F 3-5 15%
Gastly G S C 2F, 3F 3-6 85%


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