Spring and Summer (DP062)

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File:Spring and Summer.png
Brock with Spring (left) and Summer (right)

Spring and Summer (Japanese: ハル Haru and ナツ Natsu) are two characters of the day who appear in Tanks for the Memories!.

Spring and Summer are two sisters who work at the Maid Café along with their younger sister, Autumn. While their younger sister had a crush on Brock, Brock was more interested in them. Later Spring served milk from her Miltank to Ash and his friends. Spring later asked Brock to help Autumn to get to know her Miltank named Ilta.

While Autumn was out with Brock, Spring and Summer asked Ash and Dawn to help serve the customers.


This listing is of Spring and Summer's known Pokémon:

Miltank (×3)
Miltank (×3)
Spring's two Miltank and Summer's Miltank happily ran into the barn and hooked themselves up to give Ash and friends (including their Pokémon) a nice round of milk.
Debut Tanks for the Memories!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Spring: 桑谷夏子 Natsuko Kuwatani
Summer: 佐藤利奈 Rina Satō
English Spring: Eileen Stevens
Summer: Amy Palant
Czech Spring: Klára Šumanová
Summer: Eva Spoustová
Polish Spring: Monika Wierzbicka
Summer: Katarzyna Łaska
European Spanish Spring: Belén Rodríguez
Summer: Sandra Jara


  • Spring and Summer's Japanese names reflect their English names. Haru means Spring and Natsu means Summer.
  • Ironically, Spring's seiyū's name contains natsu, which means summer.
  • Like Kether Donahue, Autumn's voice actress, Eileen Stevens voiced an Oh My Goddess! character. In her case, she voiced Belldandy, the middle of three sisters and the female lead. Whether Spring is also a middle sister is not stated within the episode.

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