Spring and Summer (DP062)

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Spring (Japanese: ハル Haru) is one of the Maid Café sisters that appeared in Tanks for the Memories!. Her Japanese voice actress is 桑谷夏子 Natsuko Kuwatani and her English voice actress is Eileen Stevens. Her sisters are Autumn and Summer.


Miltank (×2)


  • Haru means spring in Japanese.
  • Ironically, her seiyū's name contains natsu, which means summer.
  • Her Japanese name is the first half of May's name being Haruka.
  • Like Kether Donahue, Eileen Stevens voiced an Ah! My Goddess character. In her case, she voiced Belldandy, the middle of three sisters and the female lead. Whether Spring is also a middle sister is not stated within the episode.
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