Spoons of Destiny

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Sabrina's Alakazam using the Spoons of Destiny

The Spoons of Destiny (Japanese: 運命のスプーン Spoons of Fate) are items in the Pokémon Adventures manga. During the battle against the Elite Four on Cerise Island, Sabrina's Alakazam created these magical spoons. The Spoons of Destiny would point out a Trainer of a similar style and personality. Using these tools, Blue was paired with Koga, Yellow was paired with Blaine, Red was paired with Lt. Surge, and Sabrina herself was paired with Green. However, with Red absent due to injuries, Lt. Surge picked Bill as his partner instead.

In the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter, Red was given a Spoon of Destiny at Mt. Silver to help locate the Gym Leaders that were trapped in the train. This Spoon later led him and Blue to the Ilex Forest to aid in the battle against the Masked Man.

Chuang Yi's translation of the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter uses the term "Spoons of Fate" instead.

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