Spinda's Café

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Spinda's Café

Spinda's Café (Japanese: パッチールのカフェ Patcheel's Café) is a location only in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The day after the player and his/her partner complete Mt. Bristle, they notice that there is a Spinda near a rock at the crossroads saying that the location of the rock would be the location of something. The next day, a Wynaut and a Wobbuffet will be there examining the same spot. On a later day, there will be a hole where the rock was and a sign claiming that those who enter will be rewarded with their hopes and dreams. After it finally opens, Wynaut and Wobbuffet will invite the player in. There will be two shops that are available to the player, neither of which will cost the player any Poké.

Spinda's Juice Bar

The shop on the left is known as Spinda's Juice Bar. It will give the player an opportunity to turn edible items into drinks that may boost stats, IQ, or just do nothing at all. When Gummis are used here, they will always increase IQ and stats. If the drink is particularly successful, IQ or stats may increase again, and if a Gummi is really good, it will do the same thing as a normal Gummi, and boost a random stat by up to 5. However, lookalike items that look like Food or Gummis made into drinks may lower stats.

Cup Prizes

After drinking something at the juice bar, Spinda may look at the bottom of the cup and say that the player is a winner. After winning, he/she is given a prize, such as being granted access to a dungeon that the player previously couldn't access. Beside access to new dungeons, the player may be given an Egg by a random Pokémon, or even complimented by a random Pokémon that wants to join the player's Exploration Team. Dungeons unlocked after drinking something include: Lush Prairie, Serenity River, Happy Outlook, Lost Wilderness, Destiny Tower.

Item Recycling

The other shop is run by Wynaut and assisted by Wobbuffet. This is where the player can hand in undesired items for new items or Prize Tickets. Prize tickets are coupons that he/she trade four items for. After getting the ticket, he/she has the option to exchange it right at that moment or later. If it is exchanged, the player gets a choice of red, blue or yellow. Wobbuffet then enters the ticket in a lottery that may or may not give the player items. The player can get a small win, a normal win, a big win (which gets Pokémon on the player's team excited), or a loss.

To get a Silver Ticket, which offers better quality items, the player must earn Silver Rank and Spinda must have announced Project P.

Special offers

Occasionally, the player will be told that a new item is being offered for a limited time only. These items are Proteins, Calciums, etc.

Project P

Project P is an idea that Spinda came up with. After the first few or so days, Spinda will announce it to the crowd of Pokémon at the café and claim that the more items recycled will help exploring and finding treasures. When treasure/a new area is discovered, Wynaut will tell the player the next time he/she talks to him.

Other Pokémon

The crowd of Pokémon are merely customers at the tables in the café. In the crowd of Pokémon are team members (Chimecho will give the player the option to let them stay there or to wait at the watering hole after exiting the café the first time), and there are also Pokémon that require help on a few things and gives the player a mission to do.

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