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Assorted Special Condition markers

Special Conditions are a group of lasting effects that are sometimes applied to a Pokémon figure in the Pokémon Trading Figure Game and Pokémon Duel. Special Conditions are removed when the figure leaves the field. A Pokémon figure can only have one Special Condition at a time; when it receives a new Special Condition the old one is removed.

In the TFG, a Pokémon with a Special Condition is marked by a marker which is attached to the figure. Different Special Conditions have different markers. Two markers are included with each figure that is capable of inflicting a Special Condition.

List of Special Conditions

Only four Special Conditions were fully implemented in the TFG, but all of them are present in Pokémon Duel.


A paralyzed counter

When a paralyzed Pokémon figure enters a battle, one of its non-Miss Attacks becomes a Miss, counting multiple wheel segments with the same name as being the same Attack. In the TFG, the Attack that will become a Miss is declared by the figure's user each time before it's spun. In Pokémon Duel, the Attack with the smallest total wheel piece size is chosen automatically; if multiple Attacks tie for the smallest total size, one is chosen at random at the start of each battle.

Paralyzed was introduced to the TFG with the first set, Next Quest.


A poisoned counter

In battles, the damage of a poisoned Pokémon's White and Gold Attacks is reduced by 20. This effect is applied after other effects such as Trainer cards, Plates, and move effects.

Poisoned was introduced to the TFG with the first set, Next Quest.


An asleep Pokémon can't make an MP move, activate its Ability, attack opponents, or tag allies. While asleep, the Pokémon doesn't block other Pokémon from passing through it, and it cannot help to surround opposing Pokémon. Asleep Pokémon will wake up after being attacked by an opponent or tagged by an ally. (Pokémon can choose to tag an adjacent ally rather than battling an opponent; similar to battling, tagging ends a player's turn.)

Asleep was supposed to be introduced to the TFG with the Groundbreakers expansion set.


When a confused Pokémon figure enters battle, it is spun normally. Before applying the result, the figure is turned counter-clockwise to the next wheel segment, which is the final spin result.

Confused was supposed to be introduced to the TFG with the Groundbreakers expansion set.


Burned is identical to Paralyzed, with the additional effect of reducing the damage of a Pokémon's White and Gold Attacks by 10 in battles.

Burned was never implemented in the TFG, although the X Accuracy trainer card mentions Misses caused by this Special Condition.


Frozen is identical to Asleep, with the additional effect of turning all of a Pokémon's Attacks into Miss.

Frozen was never implemented in the TFG, although the Manaphy figure mentions that a Frozen Pokémon cannot move, similar to a Pokémon with the Asleep condition.


Noxious is identical to Poisoned, except that damage is reduced by 40 instead of 20.

Noxious was never implemented in the TFG.

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