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Goh's Raboot

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As a wild Pokémon
[[File:Go Scorbunny debut.png|thumb|left|250px|Scorbunny in its debut appearance, as a wild Pokémon covered in dirt]]
===As a wild Pokémon===
In the past, Scorbunny joined a trio of {{p|Nickit}} living in the alleys of [[Wyndon]] and teamed up with them to steal food for living. In order to blend in with them better, it covered itself in dirt.
Scorbunny first appeared in [[SS004]], where it and its Nickit friends stole {{Ash}}'s [[Bag]], which contained scones he and {{an|Go}} had bought. Go later lied to protect Scorbunny from the scone seller, claiming that Scorbunny was his Pokémon, although the scone seller immediately saw through his lies. After learning about Scorbunny's history, Go told it that it should try to explore the world beyond Wyndon. When Ash and Go rushed to catch their train to the [[Wild Area]], the Nickit carried Scorbunny to the train station and tossed it into the train. At first, Scorbunny was hesitant, but when the Nickit assured it that they could take care of themselves now, it happily bid them farewell, before rubbing the dirt off of its body.

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