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Fake Out (move)

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Undo revision 3002444 by TheICTLiker4 (talk) Metronome does that for ALL moves, because Metronome itself has zero priority
Fake Out can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Pokémon Contest combination]], with certain moves ({{m|Arm Thrust}}, {{m|Faint Attack}}, {{m|Knock Off}}, {{m|Seismic Toss}} and {{m|Vital Throw}}) having their base appeal points doubled if they are used in the next turn.
When called via {{m|Metronome}}, it has 0 priority.
===Generation V onward===
Fake Out now has +3 priority. In a [[Rotation Battle]], Fake Out can be used on the first turn the Pokémon is rotated in—being out of its Poké Ball but currently rotated out does not affect a Pokémon's ability to use Fake Out.

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