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2,547 bytes added, 27 June
GOChargedAttack template
[[User:TehPerson|TehPerson]] ([[User talk:TehPerson|talk]]) 03:24, 27 June 2019 (UTC)
:I fixed some minor display issues in Firefox, where the round corners at the bottom of a table wouldn't show up.
:I really like what you've done with it. I prefer your notes column to start and end dates, the GO type icons are a better choice, I really like greying out currently unobtainable moves, and I like the updates section. However, I do have some thoughts:
:*It might be worth adding a note to Smeargle. Not sure how to make it sufficiently concise to fit in that box though.
:*I don't see the point in the list of Pokémon being sortable if it's only sortable by Pokédex number, since the list is already sorted by Pokédex number anyway.
:*I think there's too much width being given to Pokémon sprites. I would suggest setting a width inside the entries themselves, since the columns being merged makes it difficult to control from the header template.
:*Is there any particular reason you chose the double arrow ⇒ over a a single arrow like → for the updates section? It looks off to me.
:*I'm not sold on color-coding the updates section. Damage window changes can't necessarily be classified as a nerf or buff, and adding stat boosts/drops would always be a buff but it's not colored as one. I think just leave everything as the default black.
:*I don't think you need the dates in the updates section as Level 1 bullets with the changes as Level 2. Instead, why not just have the dates unbulletted and the changes as Level 1 bullets? So for Steel Wing for example, you could use this instead
; July 30, 2016
* Energy boost: {{color|{{green color}}|4 ⇒ 12}}
; February 16, 2017
* Power: {{color|{{red color}}|15 ⇒ 12}}
* Energy boost: {{color|{{red color}}|12 ⇒ 8}}
* Duration: {{color|{{green color}}|1.33 ⇒ 1.3 seconds}}
* Damage window: {{color|{{green color}}|1.13 - 1.33 ⇒ 0.5 - 0.8 seconds}}
; February 21, 2017
* Power: {{color|{{red color}}|12 ⇒ 11}}
* Energy boost: {{color|{{red color}}|8 ⇒ 6}}
* Duration: {{color|{{green color}}|1.3 ⇒ 0.8 seconds}}</pre>
:*I don't think it's clear enough which updates apply to Gyms & Raids and which apply to Trainer Battles. Most are going to be for the former, since Trainer Battles are fairly new, but I don't expect most readers to have the date Trainer Battles were added memorized. Perhaps you could split the Updates section into two columns, one for each type of battle? --[[User:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#A70000">'''Snorlax'''</span>]][[User talk:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#0000A7">'''Monster'''</span>]] 12:39, 27 June 2019 (UTC)

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