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Iki Town

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In the anime
The town appeared again in ''[[SM051|Family Determination!]]'', where Ash, {{ashcl}}, and Professor Kukui traveled there in order to ask advice from Hala regarding {{an|Lillie}} and {{an|Gladion}}'s plan to save [[Lusamine|their mother]] from [[Ultra Space]], which they would need an [[Ultra Wormhole]] for in order to succeed. The [[Island Kahuna]] told them about a legend regarding {{p|Solgaleo}}, and advised the group to visit the [[Altar of the Sunne]] on [[Poni Island]].
The town reappeared in ''[[SM114|Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!]]'', where a {{p|Pheromosa}} attacked Hala and stole his Fightinium Z, the [[Ultra Guardians]] arriving at the scene too late to stop it from getting away.
In [[SM116]], Ash and {{ashcl}} visited Hala in Iki Town again to learn about [[Mohn]]'s [[Z-Ring]] and receive Hala's approval for Lillie to keep and use it for the time being. Despite Lillie and [[Snowy]] being unable to successfully perform {{m|Subzero Slammer}} during their first attempt at using a [[Z-Move]], Hala still gave Lillie his blessing and allowed her to keep using the Z-Ring.

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