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Ash's Squirtle

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====[[Original series]]====
[[File:Squirtle DebutSquad.png|200px|thumb|left|Squirtle inand itsthe debutSquirtle Squad]]
[[File:Squirtle Debut.png|200px|thumb|Squirtle in its debut]]
Squirtle first appeared in ''[[EP012|Here Comes the Squirtle Squad]]'', being the leader of a gang known as the [[Squirtle Squad]], a group of rogue Squirtle who were deserted by their {{pkmn|Trainer}}s. {{MTR}} managed to befriend the Squirtle Squad by convincing them that [[Jessie]] and [[James]] were his pets. The Squirtle Squad then captured {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} so they could take {{AP|Pikachu}} back to Meowth. Ash managed to convince the Squirtle Squad to let him free to get a [[Super Potion]] for Pikachu, who was badly injured after an earlier encounter with a {{p|Goldeen}}. The Squirtle Squad agreed to let Ash go to town to buy a Super Potion, but if he didn't return by noon the next day, they threatened to dye Misty's hair purple (in the original, they threatened to kill her).
[[File:Ash Squirtle bombs.png|thumb|left|200px|Squirtle saving Ash, after Ash had done the same]]
When Ash got back with the Super Potion, Team Rocket began bombing the Squirtle Squad after they received Pikachu. Ash, Misty, and Brock ran to hide in the Squirtle Squad's cave; however, when Ash noticed that the leader was stuck on its shell, he went back to save it, shielding Squirtle's body with his own. Dazed and with more bombs en route, Ash told Squirtle to save itself. So touched by Ash's loyalty, Squirtle burst into tears, summoned enormous strength, and carried Ash to the safety of the cave. Squirtle then defeated Team Rocket with Water Gun. However, Team Rocket's bombs had started a forest fire, which the Squirtle Squad worked together to put out. After putting out the fire [[Officer Jenny]] appointed the Squirtle Squad as the official firefighters of the town. The leader of the Squirtle Squad preferred to join Ash on his journey rather than fight fires alongside his group, as it wanted to repay Ash for saving his life during the bombing. After being accepted, it happily ran into Ash's arms, as the Trainer declared he had caught a Squirtle.
During its time with Ash, Squirtle became one of Ash's three most trustworthy Pokémon, next to Pikachu and {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, and it was used often. Squirtle's {{t|Water}} type and ability to swim helped Ash in a few choice circumstances, notably the escape from St. Anne in ''[[EP016|Pokémon Shipwreck]]''.
[[File:Misty Starmie Pikachu Squirtle Pokemon-athon.png|thumb|220px|left|Squirtle bearing Pikachu across the water]]
It served as Pikachu's 'steed' when the group [[EP033|competed in a race]] in Ash's place (Ash having taken [[Lara Laramie]]'s place on {{p|Ponyta}}). The two were at a significant disadvantage due to Squirtle's short legs and Pikachu's comparative weight, but in a way this helped as they managed to escape the {{p|Electrode}} {{m|Self-Destruct|self-destruct}}ing. They made ground when they reached the water stage, putting them in the top four with Ash, Misty, and Dario. However, intervention from {{TRT}} forced a battle, and the two were put out of the running by a {{m|Glare}} attack from {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}.
Squirtle's Gym Battle debut came late and its Kanto Gym record was two losses, the first to [[Blaine]]'s {{p|Ninetales}} in ''[[EP058|Riddle Me This]]'', who Ash believed would be disadvantaged against Squirtle. Ninetales' {{m|Fire Spin}} completely overpowered Water Gun and took Squirtle down in one hit. It was then sent out to fight the fire in ''[[EP059|Volcanic Panic]]'' to cool off {{TP|Brock|Onix}}, Geodude and Pikachu with water as they dammed the volcano. The second loss was against {{an|Giovanni}}'s {{p|Machamp}}, under control of [[Jessie]] in ''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]''. Squirtle took damage from {{p|Machamp}}'s {{m|Karate Chop}}, but the battle was ended when Giovanni's Pokémon defected and Team Rocket was sent blasting off.
[[File:Ash Squirtle Nidorino.png|200px|left|thumb|Squirtle landing the knockout blow in the second round of the Indigo League, with its signature finisher, Skull Bash]]
Ash relied on Squirtle to battle [[Mandi]] in ''[[EP075|Round One - Begin!]]'', but his powerful {{AP|Kingler}} took the sweep and Squirtle was unnecessary. However, it won Ash's second round by using {{m|Skull Bash}} to defeat a {{p|Nidorino}} in ''[[EP076|Fire and Ice]]'' after it revealed its ability to use Withdraw to absorb the Nidorino's Tackle.
In ''[[EP093|Naval Maneuvers]]'', it joined Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Ash in steering the ice sled down the mountain, resulting in a win for Ash.
[[File:Ash Squirtle Hydro Pump Rudy Starmie.png|thumb|220px|left|Learning Hydro Pump to overcome Rudy's Starmie]]
One of Squirtle's most notable battles and its only Gym Battle win was in ''[[EP103|Misty Meets Her Match]]''. Earlier in the episode, it helped Pikachu and Bulbasaur destroy the targets, before coming out third against [[Rudy]]'s {{p|Starmie}}. Its powerful Water Gun managed to match Squirtle's, and Rudy's music allowed Starmie to dance away from Squirtle's moves and then use Thunderbolt to knock Squirtle into submission. With encouragement from Misty, Squirtle propelled itself away from Thunderbolt and while using Withdraw learns Hydro Pump to become airborne and hit Starmie hard. Closing the battle with Skull Bash, Ash wins the battle and his third Orange Island Gym Badge.
Squirtle accompanied Ash to [[Johto]] as well, the final time it would serve as a permanent member of his team. In ''[[EP117|Don't Touch That 'dile]]'', Squirtle was used against Team Rocket with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard. Combining its Water Gun with their attacks, it fired directly on Team Rocket's Pokémon. In ''[[EP118|The Double Trouble Header]]'', it was sent out to battle against Team Rocket along with Bulbasaur after they captured Pikachu and {{TP|Casey|Chikorita}}. During its time with him, it and Bulbasaur showed concern for him on occasions, such as when Ash, Pikachu, and his soon to be caught Chikorita were lost in a snowstorm in ''[[EP126|The Chikorita Rescue]].'' In ''[[EP127|Once in a Blue Moon]]'', a Quagsire stole the [[GS Ball]] and swam away. Ash tried to run after it but ended up sending out Squirtle to chase it down. After failing to wrestle it out of the Quagsire's mouth, Squirtle used Water Gun, causing the GS Ball it slips out of Quagsire's mouth, and allowing Pikachu to catch it on the shore. While both Quagsire and Squirtle were using Water Gun against each other, Misty tried once again to catch it, but before throwing the Poké Ball, Officer Jenny stopped them and arrested them for violating the Quagsire Preservation Restrictions.
[[File:Ash Squirtle Bulbasaur.png|thumb|200px|left|200px|Squirtle and Bulbasaur]]
In ''[[EP147|The Fire-ing Squad!]]'', it competed in an event called the [[Fire and Rescue Grand Prix]], a firefighting competition for water Pokémon. As luck would have it, one of the teams was the Squirtle Squad, but they were confused without their leader. Ash's Squirtle led the Squirtle Squad to win the Grand Prix, and at the end of the episode Squirtle returned to the Squirtle Squad because Ash felt that the old gang needed Squirtle more than he did. It said goodbye to its friends and Bulbasaur extended a {{m|Vine Whip|vine}} to its long-time friend, shaking solemnly.
===={{series|Advanced Generation}}====
[[File:Ash and Squirtle.png|thumb|250px|Squirtle and Ash]]
While Squirtle made no appearances during the Hoenn arc of the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, it did make an appearance, along with the rest of the [[Squirtle Squad]], in ''[[SS007|Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)]]''. Squirtle and two other members of the Squirtle Squad ambushed {{DL|Pichu Brothers|Smoochum}} and attacked her with a Water Gun, sending her flying.
===Personality and characteristics===
[[File:Ash and Squirtle Squad.png|200px|thumb|left|200px|Squirtle and the Squirtle SquadAsh]]
{{bulbanews|Personality & Development: Ash's Squirtle}}
Squirtle is one of Ash's most trustworthy Pokémon, but is by no means perfect. Compared especially with its closest friend, the very serious {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, it comes across as immature and mischievous, particularly during its time with the [[Squirtle Squad]] where it led the team to commit various pranks and so on, and how it embarrassed itself trying to intimidate a {{p|Snubbull}} in ''[[PK01|Pikachu's Vacation]]''. However, through its travels with Ash it matured considerably, and its behavior when it reunited with its Squad later on had a noticeable difference. Although very loyal to Ash after the latter saved its life, he was shown to be somewhat cynical at times. This was best demonstrated during the events of ''Pokémon Shipwreck'', where, while searching for their trainers, Sqirtle briefly speculates that their trainers may have been eaten by the local wildlife.

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