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Move Tutor

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In the anime
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, several characters comparable to Move Tutors have appeared. However, instead of directly teaching the move to a Pokémon, the "Move Tutors" in the anime usually tend to just show an example of the move they are teaching, and the Pokémon has to work hard in order to properly master it.
In ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]'', a [[Pokémon Coordinator]] named {{an|Chaz}} offered to help {{Ash}} to teach his {{AP|Pikachu}} {{m|Iron Tail}} in preparation for his [[Rustboro Gym]] battle with [[Roxanne]], demonstrating the move with his {{p|Sentret}}. Although Pikachu started learning the move in the same episode, it took him alluntil the wayevents toof ''[[AG016|The Winner By a Nosepass]]'', during the Gym battle with Roxanne, to perfect the move.
In ''[[AG090|Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry]]'', whilewhen Ash was having trouble of teaching his {{AP|Swellow}} {{m|Aerial Ace}}, a man named "[[Vladimir]] the Attacker" offered to teach Ash how to use the move properly, using his {{p|Pidgeotto}}'s Aerial Ace as a demonstration. Swellow managed to master the move in [[AG091|the next episode]].
In ''[[DP060|Journey to the Unown!]]'', after seeing {{si|Kenny}}'s {{p|Breloom}}'s {{m|Energy Ball}}, Ash asked Kenny to help his {{AP|Turtwig}} to learn the same move. Kenny eventually agreed to teach Energy Ball to Turtwig, and, after many failsfailures, the move was finally perfected in ''[[DP064|Riding the Winds of Change!]]''. According to Kenny, learning the move would've have been easier if Turtwig had known {{m|Bullet Seed}}, since the two attacks require the same kind of focusing of power.
In ''[[DP067|Crossing the Battle Line!]]'', [[Reggie]] and his {{p|Staraptor}} helped [[Ash's Staravia]] to learn {{m|Brave Bird}}. The move was perfected by the time of Ash's [[Veilstone Gym]] battle with [[Maylene]] in [[DP068|the next episode]].
In ''[[DP156|A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!]]'', Ash and {{ashfr}} met an old woman named [[Wilma]], who was teaching an {{p|Altaria}} to use {{m|Draco Meteor}}. She explained that Trainers leave their {{type|Dragon}}s under her care so they can learn Draco Meteor, and Altaria was one of the Pokémon she was teaching at the time.

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