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Office Worker (Trainer class)

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|name=ClerkOffice Worker
|image2=Spr B2W2 Clerk M B.png|size2=80px
|caption={{#ifexpr: ({{#time: H}} mod 2) = 0|Regular male|Female}} Clerk and boss Clerk sprites from {{2v2|Black|White}}
|altnames='''Clerk''' ([[Generation V]])
|intro=[[Generation V]]
|games={{4v|Black|White}}<br/>{{pkmn|Sun and Moon}}
|manga=''[[PS466|An Odd Speech]]'' ({{pkmn|Adventures}})
AAn '''ClerkOffice Worker''' (Japanese: '''ビジネスマン''' ''Businessman'' and '''OL''' ''Office Lady'') is a type of [[{{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class]]}} introduced in [[Generation V]] as '''Clerks'''. They are based on Japanese {{wp|Salaryman|salarymen}} and {{wp|Office lady|office ladies}}.
ThereIn [[Generation V]], there are two versions of the male Clerk: one more prominent and common (aka the average employee), while the other is more rare, generally portrayed as the one in charge of the others. Female Clerks are denoted as '''Clerk ♀''', while both male Clerks are '''Clerk ♂'''.
{{Trainerlist/f|white 2}}
===Pokémon Black 2 and White 2===
==In the manga==
==In other languages==
|zh_yue=商務人士 ''{{tt|Sēungmouh Yàhnsih|Buisnessman}}'' ({{male}})<br>OL ''OL'' ({{female}})
|zh_cmn=商務人士 / 商务人士 ''{{tt|Shāngwù Rénshì|Buisnessman}}'' ({{male}})<br>OL ''OL'' ({{female}})
|fr=Employé ({{male}})<br>Employée ({{female}})
|de=Angestellter ({{male}})<br>Angestellte ({{female}})
{{Project CharacterDex notice|tc}}
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<!--[[de:Angestellter (Trainerklasse)]]
[[it:Affarista (classe allenatore)]]
<!--[[de:Angestellte (Trainerklasse)]]
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