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'''HarmoKnight''' (Japanese: '''リズムハンター ハーモナイト''' ''Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight'') is a rhythm platform game released for the [[Nintendo 3DS|3DS]] that is exclusive to the {{wp|Nintendo eShop}}. The game was released in Japan on September 5, 2012 and in North America, Europe and Australia on March 28, 2013. The game was directed by [[James Turner]] of [[Game Freak]]. The game mixes elements from the rhythm and platformer genres in a variety of musical stages, some of which were inspired by music from the [[Pokémon games]].
Over 50 stages of rhythm-action fun await, including bonus stages featuring much-loved tunes from some of your favourite Pokémon games!
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The game is played out in 'stages' which act as the games levels. Each themed World has 8 stages (excluding Showtime Island and Metal Mountains, which only have 3). There are some stages that play outside of worlds, such as the tutorial level Woodwin Village and the Bonus Stages (Pokémon-themed stages).
Every Stage has the option of playing at a Normal speed and a Fast speed. Getting a Great rank on both modes will unlock official game art on the lower touch-screen. While the art unlocked is normally of a standard enemy, Boss levels will always reveal the image of the boss that was fought on that stage. In case of the Bonus Levels, playable character art will be unlocked and for World 8 Concept art will be unlocked.
* World 1: Marching Hills
**8 stages: Mini-Boss: none - Boss: none
===Pokémon-themed bonus stages===
The following stages based on remixed themes from the Pokémon games can be unlocked as Bonus Stages:
* The Gym: [[Gymgym|Pokémon Gym]] theme from {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} (unlocked by clearing Marching Hills in World 1).
** <!--BronzeGood rank:???--><!--Siver rank:???-->42 notes, Gold rank: 7862 hits<!--estimate-->notes
* Route 26: {{rt|26|Kanto}} theme from {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} (unlocked by clearing Rock Range in World 2).
** <!--BronzeGood rank:???--><!--Siver rank:???-->28 notes, Gold rank: 5948 hits<!--estimate-->notes
* Your Bicycle: [[Bicycle]] theme from {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} (unlocked by clearing Calypso Beach in World 3). This stage is included as the third stage replacing Adventure Awaits! in the demo.
** <!--BronzeGood rank:???--><!--Siver rank:???-->45 notes, Gold rank: 6965 hits<!--estimate-->notes
* Champion Battle!: {{ga|Blue|Champion}} theme from {{game|Red and Green|s}} (unlocked by clearing Sleighbell Slopes in World 5).
** <!--BronzeGood rank:???--><!--Siver rank:???-->85 notes, Gold rank: 109105 hits<!--estimate-->notes
* Trainer Battle!: {{pkmn|Trainer}} battle theme from {{game|Black and White|s}} (unlocked by clearing Baroque Volcano in World 7).
** <!--BronzeGood rank:???--><!--Siver rank:???-->181 notes, Gold rank: 202201 hits<!--estimate-->notes
File:HarmoKnight Pokémon level.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Pokémon Gym Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokémon Level 5.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Kanto Route 26 Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokémon Level 6.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Bicycle Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokémon Level 7.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Champion Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokemon Level 1.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Trainer Battle Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokemon Level 2.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Trainer Battle Theme
File:Harmo Knight Pokemon Level 3.png|Pokémon-themed stage with Trainer Battle Theme
* [ Iwata Asks | 1. Just Give It A Go! | Iwata Asks: HarmoKnight | Nintendo]
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