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Magnezone (DP Promo 32)

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===Pokédex data===
{|{{Graytable}}Carddex width="250"|
type=Metal |-
! nowrapname=Magnezone | Pokémon No.
|species=Magnet 462Area |
ndex=462 |-
!height=3'11" Species|
jheight=1.2 | Magnet Area Pokémon
weight=396.8 |-
!jweight=180.0 Height|
|dex=It 3'11"evolved (1from exposure to a special magnetic field.2m) Three units generate magnetism. |
jdex=とくしゅな じばの えいきょうで レアコイルが しんかした。3つの ユニットから じりょくを だす。 |-
! Weight}}
| 396.8 lbs (180.0kg)
! Entry
| It evolved from exposure to a special magnetic field. Three units generate magnetism.
==Release information==
In Japan, this card was awarded to those who participated in the 2008 Battle Road Spring Tournament in March 2008. The English releaseversion of this card camewas withreleased thealongside {{DLTCG ID|ValueDP packsPromo|Dusknoir|33}} andin setsNovember (2008 for the {{TCG)|Stormfront}} Blister Pack}}.

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