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Slowpoke Well

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'''Slowpoke Well''' (Japanese: '''ヤドンのいど''' ''{{tt|Yadon|Slowpoke}} Well'') is a man-made cave located at the edge of [[Azalea Town]]. It is located just north-west of {{rt|33}}, first seen on the way to Azalea Town. The cave is home to a wide variety of [[wild Pokémon]], but is unique for being the home of Azalea Town's {{p|Slowpoke}}, which they use as pets. It is said that a {{p|Slowpoke}} from the well ended a drought that plagued Azalea 400 years before the games' events by {{m|yawn}}ing.
Slowpoke Well is where the player first encounters the revived [[Team Rocket]], who are cutting off the tails of Slowpoke to sell at their HQ in [[Mahogany Town]]. Before talking to [[Kurt]] in his house, there will be a [[Team Rocket Grunt|Team Rocket Grunt]] guarding the entrance of the well, and will not let anyone in. When entering Kurt's house for the first time, he will quickly run out after saying something about going to the Slowpoke Well. He will defeat the grunt at the entrance, then will fall into the well and injure his back. After [[Kurt]] is injured while trying to stop Team Rocket, the player has to defeat the Grunts and rescue the kidnapped Slowpoke.
There are two floors; the first one can be explored when Team Rocket attacks, whereas the other cannot be reached until later. Later in the game, after the player has acquired both {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Strength}}, they can explore the lower floor of the well. There is a man on an island who will give players a [[Held item#King's Rock|King's Rock]] if they talk to him.

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