Space-Time Tower

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The Space-Time Tower

The Space-Time Tower is an anime-exclusive building located in Sinnoh. It first appeared in A Secret Sphere of Influence (albeit as a diorama in the Eterna Museum), and then had a major role in The Rise of Darkrai. Besides being a building, it is the largest musical instrument of the Pokémon world.

Within the Space Tower are large spheres rotating on orbits. Within the Time Tower are large pendulums. Outside in between the two towers is a long and thin winding staircase, leading up to the top of the tower. There lies a large machine that plays music by inserting special disks into a place-holder, and pulling a lever. This is a similar function as a piano (but the strings are aligned in a cylinder).

The Space-Time Tower was vital for the safety of Alamos Town during the events of The Rise of Darkrai. The song, Oración, able to calm the fiercest rage, when played, soothes Dialga and Palkia, overall saving Alamos from destruction.

It's also where the Alamos Town Pokémon Contest is held.


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