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Artwork by Souichirou Gunjima

Souichirou Gunjima (Japanese: 軍島曹一郎 Gunjima Sōichirō) is a freelance illustrator who has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Before illustrating for the TCG in an official capacity, Gunjima was a participant in the Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix, where he submitted an illustration of Metagross. The first official card he illustrated was Indeedee from the Shining Fates expansion. Gunjima has also illustrated TCG merchandise such as the Fire Stacking Tin.


Thus far, Souichirou Gunjima has illustrated 59 cards. For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here.


This is a collection of official merchandise drawn by Souichirou Gunjima.


Kabutops from 151, illustrated by Souichirou Gunjima
  • Souichirou Gunjima's favorite Pokémon is Kabutops, and one of Gunjima's dreams was to draw an official illustration of Kabutops.[2][3]

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