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The name currently in use is a fan romanization of the Japanese name.
ソロ Soro
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

(Japanese: ソロ Soro) is the main character from the Pokémon Try Adventure manga. He is a friend of Katsuya who often travels with him.


Soro is knowledgeable about Pokémon, which would often infuriate Katsuya. Despite those flaws, they were shown to still care for each other.


Soro is a Pokémon Trainer who went out on a journey with Katsuya and Toki. He first met them while in a house where he had an argument with the former after showing off his knowledge about Pokémon. A Steelix attacked the place and sent out Bronzong to prevent the trio from going off on a cliff. Soro was joined by a lady named Caty.

Soro and his friends are told by Caty about a volcano named Meragura Volcano and they go there. While hiking through a forest, a Shroomish bumped into Soro and runs off. As they bunny hop on some of the ledges leading to Meragura Volcano, Soro gets attacked by a group of Beldum, Mantyke, Taillow and Shellos with their evolved forms. The resulting attack from Swellow caused Soro to lose his footing and fall off the cliff area. Katsuya managed to save him in time and throws him back up.

During their arrival, Soro and the others are encountered by some villagers who tell them about a Heatran residing in Meragura Volcano. When they were about to get in, a Tangrowth along with some Grass-type and Bug-type Pokémon appeared and attacked them. Soro handled the Tangrowth while Katsuya and Toki dealt with the Grass and Bug-types. Soro managed to capture Tangrowth and bragged to Katsuya about how he was able to capture Tangrowth.

With the problem solved, Soro and his friends go inside the cave of Meragura Volcano. He and Katsuya encounter an Entei and battles it. Soro sent out his Tangrowth but was defeated in one hit. Katsuya took his place with Chimchar, Hikoza. When Entei called off the battle, it took Soro and Katsuya to the deeper part of the volcano. Soro took an interest in Entei and tried again in battling it. He was almost able to weaken it until an Onix got in the middle. It caused Entei and Soro to fall but Entei saved Soro by pushing him up and Soro did the same in return by catching it. Heatran comes crashing through the volcano walls and both Soro and Katsuya go falling down. However, they were saved by Entei. Soro and Katsuya rejoin Toki and Caty and noticed that the volcano was about to erupt. With the help of Heatran, they were able to prevent the volcano from erupting and got recognized by the local villagers for doing so.

Later, Soro goes to a mansion and meets a butler and the maid there. He mentions about catching a Huntail but runs into a ghost problem. Using Rotom, the ghost turns out to be a little boy. He tries convincing the butler and maid to let him go on his own journey and they agree. Soro noticed a Jumpluff and chased after it.

Soro goes with Katsuya and Toki to get Caty. He gets spooked by a Carnivine which turned out to be one of Caty's disguises. Soro and Katsuya run off whistling and Soro comes back with a Huntail. Later, he goes to a beach where Mister Crow gave the group another activity. While Caty relaxed in the sun, Soro and the others swam in the waters and went searching for treasure. Soro went speeding away on his Huntail since Huntail got too excited being in the water. When Katsuya found the treasure chest, Soro and Huntail accidentally bumped into an Octillery which was guarding it, which allowed Katsuya to get it on shore. As the group opened it, it turned out to be junk instead of real treasure they expected.

He has a race with Katsuya and Toki. During the race, he gets the upper hand with Drapion but gets stuck by some trees that fell. Soro reads a note where he has to go to a mythical land. During his arrival, he gets excited but it was cut short when Typhlosion, Feraligatr and Meganium attacked. As the three Pokémon used their attacks on the pillars, it sent Soro and his friends to a desert.

In the desert, he gets paired with Katsuya while Toki and Caty went somewhere else. He starts getting tired and encounters four Sandshrew. He battled them with Magikarp but it didn't work. He sends out Bronzong in order to use Rain Dance. Unfortunately, even though the heat disappeared, it gave them too much water and both Toki and Caty meet up with Soro and Katsuya afterwards.


Currently owned

Soro's Bronzong
Bronzong is Soro's main Pokémon. He first sent it out when he and his friends were about to go on the edge of a cliff. Bronzong turned them around and redirected them to Steelix.

During Soro's time in Meragura Volcano, he sent it out to battle a Tangrowth where it placed Tangrowth to sleep, which gave Soro the chance to capture it. While Soro and Katsuya were lost in a desert, he sent out Bronzong to use Rain Dance in order to cool off both Trainers from the heat.

Bronzong's known moves are Hypnosis and Rain Dance.

Debut TA01
Soro's Tangrowth
Tangrowth was part of a pack of Bug-type and Grass-type Pokémon while nearby Meragura Volcano. It went on a rampage and Katsuya had trouble handling it. Soro ran to the Tangrowth and battled it with his Bronzong. Tangrowth was placed to sleep by Bronzong's Hypnosis and Soro threw a Poké Ball at it and caught it. During a battle with Entei, Soro sent out Tangrowth but Tangrowth was easily defeated by Entei.

None of Tangrowth's moves are known.

Debut TA03
Soro's Drapion
Drapion was sent out to battle Entei in order for Soro to capture it. However, this was interrupted when a wild Onix came out of nowhere and fell between Entei and Drapion. Later, Drapion was used as a mode of transportation during a race between Soro and his friends.

Drapion's known moves are False Swipe and Pin Missile.

Debut TA04
Soro's Entei
Entei first appeared as a wild Pokémon in Meragura Volcano. It had a battle with Heatran. Later, Soro and Katsuya encounter it where Soro battles it first using Tangrowth, in which Entei easily defeats the Grass-type Pokémon. Katsuya's Chimchar, Hikoza, takes Tangrowth's place. Both sides were equally strong until Entei called it off. Entei took the two to the deeper parts of the volcano and Soro tried battling Entei again. He used Drapion to battle Entei this time but an Onix got in the way and sent them falling. Soro was able to save Entei by catching it in a Poké Ball and Nanae, Katsuya's Turtwig, used Razor Leaf to take it back to Soro.

Entei's only known move is Fire Spin.

Debut TA05
Soro's Natu
Natu briefly appeared where it along with Bronzong in a battle with a Pokémon poacher.

None of Natu's moves are known.

Debut TA07
Soro's Rotom
Rotom first appeared in a mansion where it transformed into its forms. Soro used it to find out about a ghost problem in the mansion.

None of Rotom's moves are known.

Debut TA08
Soro's Huntail
Soro thought about catching Huntail while he was in a mansion. After a little girl's Eevee was rescued, Soro came back to the group with Huntail. Later, Soro used it as a method of swimming underwater in an attempt to find some treasure under the sea. When Katsuya found the treasure and wrestled with an Octillery, Huntail accidentally crashed into Octillery which allowed Katsuya to get away with the treasure chest.

None of Huntail's moves are known.

Debut TA09
Soro's Magikarp
Magikarp battled four wild Sandshrew but it did not defeat any of them.

None of Magikarp's moves are known.

Debut TA14
Soro's Dusknoir
Soro caught this Dusknoir with the help of Drapion mostly.

None of Dusknoir's moves are known.

Debut TA16
Soro's Buneary
Buneary briefly appeared during the battle with Dusknoir as it got easily defeated not too long ago.

Buneary's only known move is Foresight.

Debut TA16
Soro's Porygon-Z
Soro caught this Porygon-Z in TA22.

Porygon-Z's known moves are Tri Attack and Charge Beam.

Debut TA22
Soro's Spoink
Soro met this Spoink while chasing it in a forest.

Spoink's only known move is Psywave.

Debut TA22
Soro's Oshawott
Oshawott was given to Soro by Mister Crow.

Oshawott's only known move is Fury Cutter.

Debut TA39


Language Name Origin
Japanese ソロ Soro From 揃う sorou, to become complete or to assemble
Chinese (Mandarin) 蘇洛 Sūluò Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thailand โซโล Soro Transliteration of his Japanese name

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