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Sophocles's Charjabug
マーマネのデンヂムシ Māmane's Dendimushi
Poké Ball
Sophocles Charjabug.png
Sophocles's Charjabug
Debuts in So Long, Sophocles!
Caught at Hau'oli City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Nature Mild[1]
Current location With Sophocles
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charjabug Unshō Ishizuka Rebecca Becker

Sophocles's Charjabug (Japanese: マーマネのデンヂムシ Māmane's Dendimushi) was the first Pokémon that Sophocles caught in the Alola region, and his second overall.


Charjabug taking part in the Charjabug race

In So Long, Sophocles!, Ash was looking for a farewell present for Sophocles due to the latter supposedly soon moving away, and decided to go look for a Charjabug at Rotom's suggestion. With the help of Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten, he was able to track one down. Litten and Rockruff dug it up from its place underground. Charjabug shocked Ash as he impetuously reached to grab it from its burrow. After recuperating from his zapping, Ash and his Pokémon managed to capture it in a cage. He brought it along with him to Sophocles's farewell party, where he let it out of the cage and showed it off to Sophocles.

Sophocles was surprised by Ash's kindness and sent out Togedemaru to battle Charjabug. Charjabug was able to deflect one Zing Zap and fight back with Discharge. Togedemaru managed to weaken Charjabug enough for Sophocles to feel comfortable enough throwing a Poké Ball at it. Sophocles expressed so much excitement at the prospect of catching Charjabug that he nearly fell over while throwing the Ball, and expressed even more excitement at its capture, soon admitting that he was just moving to another house down the street.

In Mounting an Electrifying Charge!, Sophocles decided to enter the Charjabug race, a race where Charjabug are fit into electric-powered cars and made to drive through an obstacle-filled racecourse with the aid of a three-man team. Working together with Ash and Kiawe, Sophocles formed the Sophocles Lab team, with him working as the team director, Kiawe working as the team mechanic, and Ash working as Charjabug's "support runner", running alongside Charjabug during the race and helping it to get past obstacles. During the race, Sophocles struck a rivalry with Horacio's Red Comet team and his Shiny Charjabug. Thanks to their constant support to Charjabug and a little creativity in the face of obstacles, the Sophocles Lab team eventually won the race, winning a year's supply of Charjabug-themed merchandise as a prize.

In 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, Charjabug and Togedemaru used Discharge and Zing Zap, respectively, on Milotic. Although Milotic appeared to have been defeated by this move, Nihilego made it get back up and continue battling. The battle ended when Ash and Pikachu performed 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt to defeat Nihilego.

In Pushing the Fiery Envelope!, Sophocles used Charjabug during his Battle Royal match against the Masked Royal and his Incineroar, Ash and his Litten, and Kiawe and his Marowak, but was soon defeated by Incineroar's Darkest Lariat.

In Securing the Future!, Charjabug joined the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its normal form.

In SM104, Sophocles revealed that he planned to evolve Charjabug and learnt from Nurse Joy that he can do so over at Vast Poni Canyon.

Personality and characteristics

Charjabug and Sophocles
Comforting Togedemaru

When Ash tried to first capture Charjabug, it electrocuted Ash after he impulsively grabbed it, showing its defensive nature. However, it was also shown to be a weak battler. When it battled against Sophocles's Togedemaru, it was quickly defeated after only attacking Togedemaru with one Discharge attack. In addition to being weak in battle and relying on hiding as a defensive technique whilst living in the wild, it initially seemed to be a bit unsure about itself and its abilities, as evidenced by its reluctance to run on a running wheel, until further encouraged by its Trainer. However, thanks to the training done in preparation for the Charjabug race, it seems to have gained more self confidence and a deeper connection to its Trainer, happily hugging Sophocles after winning the race.

In Love at First Twirl!, Charjabug was shown physically comforting Togedemaru when she was sad that Pikachu was missing and celebrated by rubbing up against her after their victory against Lusamine's Milotic in 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!. In Rise and Shine, Starship!, Charjabug was shown to have the ability to send sound waves in order to communicate to a group of nearby Grubbin. In SM104, Charjabug was shown to love the taste of Poni Island daikon, along with Nagisa.

Moves used

Sophocles Charjabug Discharge.png
Using Discharge
Move First Used In
Discharge So Long, Sophocles!
String Shot Mounting an Electrifying Charge!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Super Pokémon Fireworks.png Twirling with a Bang! Electroweb, Zing Zap, Discharge, Bubble Beam, Magical Leaf, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Powder Snow The Ultra Guardians' Pokémon
Description: Super Pokémon Fireworks (Japanese: 超特大ポケモン花火 Super Special Pokémon Fireworks) A combination move used by the Ultra Guardians' partner Pokémon and their Ride Pokémon. Pikachu launches Electroweb into the air, followed by Togedemaru and Charjabug adding to it by creating a makeshift Electroweb with Zing Zap and Discharge, respectively. Popplio, Steenee, Turtonator, and Charizard add to the combination with Bubble Beam, Magical Leaf, and a double Flamethrower, respectively. Flygon, Garchomp, and Altaria then use a triple Fire Blast, followed by Snowy's Powder Snow and Poipole's poison. Together, the moves make a giant spinning ferris wheel-shaped construction.

In the games

Sophocles's nine Charjabug appear in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and help around the Hokulani Observatory. Though each has its own nickname, only Onejabug (Japanese: デンイチ Den'ichi), Twojabug (Japanese: デンニ Den'ni), Threejabug (Japanese: デンサン Densan), Sevenjabug (Japanese: デンナナ Den'nana), and Ninejabug (Japanese: デンキュー Denkyū) are named out loud. During Sophocles's trial, the device used to summon the Totem Pokémon malfunctions and begins attacking the Charjabug used as a part of the trial. Although Sophocles's Togedemaru uses its Lightning Rod to absorb the electricity fired by the device, it isn't able to fully absorb the attack, forcing Totem Togedemaru to step in and rescue it as well.


  • Charjabug is the first Pokémon in the anime to have its Nature confirmed.
  • Charjabug is the last credited role for Unshō Ishizuka prior to his death in 2018.


Due to the line revealing Ninejabug's nickname being re-written in the French version to simply list two examples of names, it is unclear which Charjabug have the names "Chry-Zeult" and "Chry-Zabeau".


Language Name Origin
Japanese デンイチ Den'ichi From デンヂムシ Dendimushi (Charjabug) and 一 ichi (one)
English Onejabug From one and Charjabug
French Chry-Zack From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Isaac
German Einakk From ein (one) and Akkup (Charjabug)
Italian, Spanish Charjauno From Charjabug and uno (one)
Korean 전지일 Jeonji-il From 전지충이 Jeonjichung-i (Charjabug) and 일 (一) il (one)
Chinese (Mandarin) 電寶一 Diànbǎoyī*
电一 Diànyī*
From 蟲電寶 / 虫电宝 Chóngdiànbǎo (Charjabug) and 一 (one)
Chinese (Cantonese) 電寶一 Dihnbóuyāt From 蟲電寶 Chùhngdihnbóu (Charjabug) and 一 yāt (one)


Language Name Origin
Japanese デンニ Den'ni From デンヂムシ Dendimushi (Charjabug) and 二 ni (two)
English Twojabug From two and Charjabug
French Chry-Zabelle From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Isabelle
German Zweiakk From zwei (two) and Akkup (Charjabug)
Italian Charjadue From Charjabug and due (two)
Spanish Charjados From Charjabug and dos (two)
Korean 전지이 Jeonji-i From 전지충이 Jeonjichung-i (Charjabug) and 이 (二) i (two)
Chinese (Mandarin) 電寶二 Diànbǎo'èr*
电二 Diàn'èr*
From 蟲電寶 / 虫电宝 Chóngdiànbǎo (Charjabug) and 二 èr (two)
Chinese (Cantonese) 電寶二 Dihnbóuyih From 蟲電寶 Chùhngdihnbóu (Charjabug) and 二 yih (two)


Language Name Origin
Japanese デンサン Densan From デンヂムシ Dendimushi (Charjabug) and 三 san (three)
English Threejabug From three and Charjabug
French Chry-Zmène From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Ismène
German Dreiakk From drei (three) and Akkup (Charjabug)
Italian Charjatre From Charjabug and tre (three)
Spanish Charjatres From Charjabug and tres (three)
Korean 전지삼 Jeonjisam From 전지충이 Jeonjichung-i (Charjabug) and 삼 (三) sam (three)
Chinese (Mandarin) 電寶三 Diànbǎosān*
电三 Diànsān*
From 蟲電寶 / 虫电宝 Chóngdiànbǎo (Charjabug) and 三 sān (three)
Chinese (Cantonese) 電寶三 Dihnbóusāam From 蟲電寶 Chùhngdihnbóu (Charjabug) and 三 sāam (three)


Language Name Origin
Japanese デンナナ Den'nana From デンヂムシ Dendimushi (Charjabug) and 七 nana (seven)
English Sevenjabug From seven and Charjabug
French Chry-Zidore From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Isidore
German Siebakk From sieben (seven) and Akkup (Charjabug)
Italian Charjasette From Charjabug and sette (seven)
Spanish Charjasiete From Charjabug and siete (seven)
Korean 전지칠 Jeonjichil From 전지충이 Jeonjichung-i (Charjabug) and 칠 (七) chil (seven)
Chinese (Mandarin) 電寶七 Diànbǎoqī*
电七 Diànqī*
From 蟲電寶 / 虫电宝 Chóngdiànbǎo (Charjabug) and 七 (seven)
Chinese (Cantonese) 電寶七 Dihnbóuchāt From 蟲電寶 Chùhngdihnbóu (Charjabug) and 七 chāt (seven)


Language Name Origin
Japanese デンキュー Denkyū From デンヂムシ Dendimushi (Charjabug) and 九 kyū (nine)
English Ninejabug From nine and Charjabug
German Neunakk From nuen (nine) and Akkup (Charjabug)
Italian Charjanove From Charjabug and nove (nine)
Spanish Charjanueve From Charjabug and nueve (nine)
Korean 전지구 Jeonjigu From 전지충이 Jeonjichung-i (Charjabug) and 구 (九) gu (nine)
Chinese (Mandarin) 電寶九 Diànbǎojiǔ*
电九 Diànjiǔ*
From 蟲電寶 / 虫电宝 Chóngdiànbǎo (Charjabug) and 九 jiǔ (nine)
Chinese (Cantonese) 電寶九 Dihnbóugáu From 蟲電寶 Chùhngdihnbóu (Charjabug) and 九 gáu (nine)


Language Name Origin
French Chry-Zeult From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Iseult


Language Name Origin
French Chry-Zabeau From Chrysapile (Charjabug) and the name Isabeau

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