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*[[PokéFan]] Bethany: {{p|Azurill}} (35), {{p|Marill}} (37), {{p|Azumarill}} (39).
*[[PokéFan]] Bethany: {{p|Azurill}} (35), {{p|Marill}} (37), {{p|Azumarill}} (39).
{{PartyHeader|color={{water color}}|sprite=SpriteJuan.png‎|prize={{pdollar}}[[Pokémon Dollar|????]]|class=[[Leader]]|name=Juan|game={{v2|Emerald}}|location=[[Sootopolis Gym]]}}
{{PartyHeader|color={{water color}}|sprite=SpriteJuan.png‎|prize={{pdollar}}[[Pokémon Dollar|4600]]|class=[[Leader]]|name=Juan|game={{v2|Emerald}}|location=[[Sootopolis Gym]]}}
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Sootopolis Gym
ルネジム Rune Gym
Location Sootopolis City
Gym Leader Wallace*/Juan*
Badge Rainbadge
Dominant Type Water
Region Hoenn

The Sootopolis Gym (Japanese: ルネジム Rune Gym) is the official gym of Sootopolis City. It is based on Template:Type2 Pokémon. The Gym Leaders are Wallace and, later, Juan. Trainers who defeat them receive the Rain Badge.

In the anime

The Sootopolis Gym appeared in two episodes of the anime.

Ash and his friends first arrived at the gym in The Great Eight Fate. They met up with Juan, who was putting on a water show with all the Pokémon in his gym.

After challenging Juan, Ash learned that the battle would be divided up into two parts. The first part was a double battle. Once both of Juan's Pokémon fainted, the battle would switch into one-on-one battles. Ash defeated Juan in Eight Ain't Enough! and earned his Rain Badge.

Sootopolis Gym is also the home to Sebastian, the assistant at the gym.

In the games

To reach the Gym Leader, trainers must step on every ice tile to activate the stairways. If any tile is used twice, the player will fall to a lower level, where the trainers are located. No matter where you fall, you will have to challenge at least one trainer.

When defeated, Wallace/Juan will give the player the Rain Badge as well as TM03 (Water Pulse) as a reward.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

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Pokémon Emerald

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