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サオリ Saori
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Hometown Pewter City
Region Kanto
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut May, We Harley Drew'd Ya
English voice actor Sarah Natochenny
Japanese voice actor Rie Tanaka

Solidad (Japanese: サオリ Saori) is a Pokémon Coordinator from Pewter City. She is more mature than fellow coordinators May and Drew, but still holds them in high esteem.


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She first appeared in the episode May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!. It was revealed in the episode that she had defeated Drew in his very first Pokémon Contest, which caused him to cry. Since then they seem to have become friends. They see each other often in Contests and they also keep in touch. She also noticed that Drew became more competitive, and she thinks May is the reason for this.

She and Brock are old friends, she also saw him often when he was still the leader of Pewter Gym, and she knew him from before as well.

Solidad stated that she is also old friends with Harley, and that she finds him to be an interesting person.

Solidad with the Ribbon Cup

She competed against May in the Kanto Grand Festival semi-final round, which she won, and then won the final stage, giving her the title of Top Coordinator. Similarly to Drew, May also cried after being defeated by Solidad.

She was last known to be traveling in Johto and in Staging a Heroes' Welcome!, she made a cameo appearance along with Harley and Drew, watching May perform live on TV at the Wallace Cup.


This listing is of Solidad's known Pokémon:

Solidad's Slowbro
Slowbro first appeared with Solidad, using psychic powers to lift the escaping Aipom into Ash's arms. In Thinning the Hoard, Slowbro created a masterful display of levitating itself with Psychic, then using Water Gun to create a fountain effect. Later in the episode, it used Hyper Beam to single-handedly blast a Girafarig and a Zangoose out of the competition.

In Channeling the Battle Zone!, Slowbro was shown to be fighting alongside Pidgeot against May's Combusken and Munchlax. It easily disarmed Munchlax's Focus Punch with Psychic, before putting Combusken to sleep with Yawn. It evaded Munchlax's SolarBeam and teamed up with Pidgeot to knock Munchlax out with another Hyper Beam.

Slowbro's known moves are Psychic, Water Gun, Hyper Beam and Yawn.

Debut May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Solidad's Lapras
Lapras is another Pokémon used in Solidad's Grand Festival campaign. With a powerful Sheer Cold it got through the first rounds for Solidad. Later, it was able to get Solidad to the finals while battling alongside Solidad's Butterfree against a Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan.

Lapras's only known move is Sheer Cold.

Debut May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Solidad's Pidgeot
Solidad's Pidgeot was used during the Double Battle phase against May alongside Solidad's Slowbro against May's Combusken and Munchlax. Although it was hit hard by Combusken's Fire Spin, it recovered and used FeatherDance to dissipate the flames and send burning feathers down on May's Pokémon. It then used Double Team to avoid Munchlax's last desperate attack, and teamed up with Slowbro to knock it out with an Aerial Ace.

Pidgeot's known moves are FeatherDance, Aerial Ace and Double Team.

Debut Channeling the Battle Zone!
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
Solidad's Butterfree
Butterfree is one of the Pokémon Solidad used in her Grand Festival campaign. Not much is known about it, other than it being able to get Solidad to the finals while battling alongside Solidad's Lapras against a Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan.
Debut Channeling the Battle Zone!


Kanto Ribbons

Grand Festival ranking

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 田中理恵 Rie Tanaka
English Sarah Natochenny
Brazilian Portuguese Gilmara Sanches
Spanish Latin America Cristina Hernández
Spain Diana Torres


  • The official website for Cartoon Network initially called Solidad "Samantha" in their summary for the episode of her debut.
  • All of Solidad's known Pokémon are from Generation I.
  • Solidad owns three Pokémon that Ash has released: Pidgeot, Lapras, and Butterfree.


Language Name Origin
Japanese サオリ Saori
English, French, German Solidad Similar to her Japanese name.
Spanish Soledad A common Spanish name.
Korean 사희 Sahyi Similar to her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 紗織 Shāzhī From the name 紗織 Saori.

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