Solaceon Ruins

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The Solaceon Ruins (Japanese: ズイのいせき Zui Ruins) is the set of ruins where the player can find the Unown in Sinnoh. It is found nearby Solaceon Town. If the player captures an Unown, then shows it to a boy in Solaceon City, the Seal corresponding to its letter will become available.

In each main room there is writing in the Unown alphabet that indicates which exit to take to get to the next room. The first room has only Unown of the "F" variety, the second, has "R" and so on, spelling out the word "friend". The room above the rest of the ruins, only accessible after the Ruin Maniac has finished digging his way through from Route 214, has both "!" and "?" varieties. The dead-end rooms (reached by not following the Unown alphabet instructions) house the other twenty varieties of Unown.


Name Games Location Levels Rate
Unown D P Any Room 14 1%
Unown D P Any Room 15 4%
Unown D P Any Room 16 5%
Unown D P Any Room 17 10%
Unown D P Any Room 18 10%
Unown D P Any Room 19 20%
Unown D P Any Room 20 20%
Unown D P Any Room 21 10%
Unown D P Any Room 22 10%
Unown D P Any Room 23 5%
Unown D P Any Room 24 4%
Unown D P Any Room 25 1%

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