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The Societea (Japanese: ティーパーティー Tea Party) is a criminal group in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The player first meets all four of them separately at various points during the game, and once, on Sophian Island, where they are having a tea party together, where they are thought to be "good guys". Later, it is discovered that the group is responsible for controlling the actions of the Pokémon Pinchers.

They were a group of thieves many years earlier, but faded into obscurity as they aged. They revived their group and took control of the Pokémon Pinchers in hopes of obtaining eternal youth. They are known for controlling Steelhead and for vaporizing Dolce Island in Oblivia. They are found in the Sky Fortress and are the last bosses of the game.



Edward (Japanese: エドワード Edward), also known as "Ed the Thinker," is the group's leader and a master thief. He faces the player in the Sky Fortress as a boss with Mewtwo, who he controls by using armor that originally belonged to Sabios of the Dark Temple.

He plans to use Sabios's armor to achieve immortality and rule the region. He then challeges the player to a battle. After he is defeated, he attempts to destroy Renbow Island with the Fortress' cannon, but he is twarted because Rand put a disabling device (invented by Nema) and a bomb on the face of the cannon. Purple Eyes then teleports in with his Gardevoir and reveals that he stole the pieces of armor from Arley, Kasa, and Hocus. He then equips himself with all the pieces and takes control of Mewtwo. He offers Edward a second in command position, but Edward just rambles about how wrong it is that Purple Eyes is in control. Purple Eyes then decides to kill Edward, and Mewtwo conjures up a large blast of energy over its head. Rand jumps in from of Edward to take the blow, but it does nothing and the attack appears to vaporize both of them.

Dr. Edward, or Ed, will awaken Mewtwo and set it on the player. Mewtwo has a variety of attacks like shooting out energy balls and psychic waves. The player must battle it twice, the second time more powerful. Edward is first met in Cocona Village, as a doctor who travels throughout the Oblivia region to care for the elderly and sick.

In the ending, the blast fired by Mewtwo was revealed to just be a portal bomb. Mewtwo teleported Rand back with his family, and Edward was teleported to an unknown, far away location.


Arley (Japanese: アックス Axe) is a large man who boasts incredible strength. In the Sky Fortress, he battles the player with a Regigigas after putting the player through a swarm of angry Pokémon. He is first met in Rasp Cavern.

His piece of the armor was stolen by Purple Eyes, and his current fate is unknown.


Kasa (Japanese: ドレス Dress) is a master of disguise. In the Sky Fortress, she battles the player with a Ditto that can transform into Raikou, Entei, and Suicune after she disguises herself as the player's partner and sets off various traps. She is first encountered in Aqua Resort.

Her piece of the armor was stolen by Purple Eyes, and her current fate is unknown.


Hocus (Japanese: マジック Magic) is a talented magician. He uses a giant Crobat when faced in the Sky Fortress, after using his skills to trap the Ukulele Pichu in a box and create a confusing battleground. He is first encountered in Tilt Village, performing magic tricks for a group of children.

His piece of the armor was stolen by Purple Eyes, and his current fate is unknown.

Boss: Societea
Administrators: Red EyesBlue EyesPurple Eyes
Locations: Wireless TowerSubmarineSky Fortress
Objects: Golden ArmorControl GauntletsZ.Z. Flyer
Other: Steelhead


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