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シロン Shiron
Poké Ball
Lillie's Vulpix
Egg obtained in SM008
Hatches in SM013
Hatched at Pokémon School
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Lillie
Egg Vulpix
This Pokémon spent 5 episodes in its Egg.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Vulpix N/A N/A

Lillie's Vulpix (Japanese: リーリエのロコン Lilie's Rokon) is the first Pokémon that Lillie obtains. While in its Egg, she affectionately referred to it as Shiron (Japanese: シロン Shiron). Lillie retained the named Shiron for the Vulpix that hatched from that egg.


Vulpix's Egg

In SM008, Samson Oak revealed two Eggs to the students of the Pokémon School. While one Egg was received from his cousin from the Kanto region, the other was found on Mount Lanakila. He decides to give the class an assignment to raise one of the Eggs and offers to let them choose between the two. Mallow suggests that Lillie should choose one of the Eggs and raise it, as it would potentially help her get over her inability to touch Pokémon. Lillie agreed and chose the white Egg, as she preferred it over the other one.

After class ended, Lillie and Ash traveled to Lillie's home in order to take care over the Egg. While they traveled, a wild Salandit managed to sneak onto Lillie's limousine in an attempt to attack the Egg. Later, when Lillie was alone in her room, the Salandit revealed itself and attacked the defenseless Egg. Despite her fear of Pokémon, Lillie instinctively shields the Egg from harm, protecting it long enough for Ash and James to send Salandit flying. After Salandit had ran away, Lillie realized that she had managed to touch the Egg without any trouble, but was still unable to touch regular Pokémon.

In SM013, the Egg hatches into the Alolan Vulpix.

Personality and characteristics

Moves used

Using Vine Whip
Move First Used In
Powder Snow SM014
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Vulpix was alluded to being Lillie's in the poster of the Sun & Moon series and in the first opening, where it's egg appeared briefly being held by her.
  • Vulpix is the first Pokémon belonging to a main character to have an Alola Form.
  • Shiron is the second Pokémon owned by a main character to have a nickname after Misty's Caserin.
  • Shiron is the second Vulpix to be owned by a main character after Brock's Vulpix.


As an Egg

Language Name Origin
Japanese シロン Shiron From 白 shiro, meaning white, and コロンコロン koron koron, the sound of rolling

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