Snowpoint City

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Template:Infobox town Snowpoint City (Japanese: キッサキシティ Kissaki City) is a city in the region of Sinnoh. Its Japanese name is the same as that of the tip of a katana, while its English name references the fact that it is a snow-covered city at the northernmost point of Sinnoh. Its temple is home to the legendary Pokémon Regigigas.

Snowpoint Temple

The basement of Snowpoint Temple, where Regigigas resides.

Although Snowpoint City is not home to much, a noticable landmark in the area is Snowpoint Temple, which can only be accessed after the Sinnoh Elite Four have been beaten. The temple contains five floors, with odd bits of slippery ice. At the very bottom of the temple lies a dormant Regigigas. To awaken this legendary Pokémon, the player must bring all three of the legendary golems along with them, which are all only available in the Generation III games.

Because of the location of the temple within a city, Regigigas is only the third legendary Pokémon that can be caught within city limits, the other two being Ho-Oh and Suicune in Ecruteak's Tin Tower during Generation II.


Snowpoint is located in the far north of Sinnoh, where low temperatures have created an atmosphere of snow. Snowpoint City, and the three routes that lead to it (Route 216, Route 217 and Acuity Lakefront) are completely covered in snow. To the northeast of Route 217, Lake Acuity can be found. A cave, which houses Uxie, is located in the middle of Lake Acuity. Being that the snow, which affects every battle on the two routes leading to the city, as well as the fact that to get to Route 216 from the rest of Sinnoh one must pass through Mt. Coronet, the most convenient way to get to the city is to Fly.

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