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ゴン Gon
Poké Ball
Red's Snorlax
Debuts in Wake Up—You're Snorlax!
Caught at Route 12
Gender Male
Ability Immunity
Nature Impish
Current location With Red
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Snor (Japanese: ゴン Gon), known as Lax in Chuang Yi's translations, was the fifth Pokémon shown to be obtained by Red in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Red, Green & Blue chapter

Red first met Snor in Wake Up—You're Snorlax!, where he was blocking the Route 12, which was being used for a bike race. Red managed to wake Snorlax up with some Beedrill honey that had dripped onto Saur. After this, Snorlax chased Red all the way to the goal of the race, where he was then caught by him.

In Golly, Golem!, Snor was used as Red's first Pokémon in his battle against Giovanni at the Viridian Gym. Snor made the first attack, but Giovanni used his speed against him by having Nidoqueen Counter Snor's attack, before flinging the heavy Pokémon through the wall and out of the Gym. As Giovanni switched to Golem, Red decided to have the ricocheting Pokémon bounce its way out of the Gym so Snor could attack, but Giovanni made use of Snor's Headbutt shattering Golem by pummeling Snor with Rock Throw and then fainting him with Explosion, revealing that he had planned this from the moment Red sent Snor out.

In A Charizard...and a Champion, Red used Snor against Blue's Charizard in the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League finals, though Blue immediately switched out for Machamp. Through its four arms, Machamp easily blocked all of Snor's limbs and prevented him from attacking. The Superpower Pokémon then effortlessly lifted the Sleeping Pokémon with its four arms, spinning him about with Submission before slamming him onto the floor, which cracked under Snor's weight. After Snor hit the ground, Red secretly had him use Harden in anticipation of Machamp's Karate Chop. However, Blue saw through Red's trick, and had his Machamp attack the ground instead, using a piece of shattered debris as a lever to catapult Snor into the air and out of the battlefield. Just as Snor was about to be disqualified for going out of bounds, he plummeted down from mid-air and crushed Machamp with a combination of Double-Edge and Toxic. Realizing Snor had taken heavy damage, Red then recalled him.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Red and Snor

In Forretress of Solitude, Snor was used in Red's Pokémon Association test for the new Viridian City Gym Leader. Red started off having Snor use Belly Drum, which caused Pokémon Association's Forretress's Spikes to rebound and hit Forretress. Snor followed up with a Mega Punch, knocking the Bagworm Pokémon out. The next opponent was an Azumarill, who promptly used Whirlpool to trap Snor. The Sleeping Pokémon used Rest inside the vortex, and quickly attacked with Mega Kick as soon as the whirlpool dissipated, knocking Azumarill out. He was the switched out for Vee.

In The Last Battle IX, Red used Snor to stop the Magnet Train that had broken out of control while the Gym Leaders of Kanto and Johto were fighting members of Neo Team Rocket inside of it. With Snor's incredible strength, the train was brought to a halt just before it hit a dead end.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

In Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents, Snor was used alongside Gyara in a Double Battle against Blue and his Golduck and Porygon2 at Ultima's "Path of Battle". Blue started the battle by having Golduck use Iron Tail and Porygon2 use Tri Attack on Red's Pokémon. Red then counterattacked with Gyara's Body Slam on Porygon2 and Snor's Strength on Golduck. As Blue was getting further ahead, Red had Gyara attack Golduck with Hyper Beam, and the Duck Pokémon escaped underground by using Dig. Red countered by having Snor use Earthquake, which dealt double damage on Golduck due to it being underground, fainting it. The attack also damaged Porygon2, but Gyara avoided any damage due to being part Flying-type. Blue then switched to Scizor and Machamp, with Scizor dropping Machamp at Snor, allowing it to perform a Seismic Toss on the Sleeping Pokémon. Before Snor could react, Machamp attacked him with Low Kick, which dealt massive damage on the heavy Pokémon and took it out of the fight.

In Don't Doubt Deoxys, Red used Snor during his battle against Deoxys on Five Island. Snor tried to strike the DNA Pokémon with a powerful punch, but Deoxys changed into its Defense Forme, not budging an inch from Snor's attack. Seeing his opponent's incredible defensive capabilities, Red had Snor draw back. Snor was later nearly killed along with Red's other Pokémon while defending his Trainer from Deoxys's Psycho Boost.

Emerald chapter

In Epilogue, Snor was seen interacting with Emerald's Snorlax in the Battle Frontier following Guile Hideout's defeat. In All About Arceus IX, it was revealed that the two Snorlax had produced an Egg, which Gold had agreed to hatch.

Personality and characteristics

Typical of his species, Snor is very lazy, only responding to food when asleep. Despite its lazy nature, Snor is also a very powerful battler, being used in many of Red's important battles. He also possesses a great deal of physical strength, being able to even stop the runaway Magnet Train by himself.

Moves used

Snor Mega Punch.png
Using Mega Punch
Snor Rest.png
Using Rest
Move First Used In
Mega Punch Wartortle Wars
Strength  What a Dragonite
Headbutt Golly, Golem!
Mega Kick A Charizard...and a Champion
Harden A Charizard...and a Champion
Double-Edge A Charizard...and a Champion
Toxic A Charizard...and a Champion
Belly Drum Forretress of Solitude
Rest Forretress of Solitude
Tackle The Last Battle IX
Earthquake  Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



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Language Name Origin
Japanese ゴン Gon
English Snor (VIZ Media)
Lax (Chuang Yi)
German Laxo (Panini Comics)
Chinese (Mandarin) 卡比

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