Slateport City (song)

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Slateport City
RS Music Super Complete.png
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete
Artist 高野拓子
Hiroko Takano
Lyrics 松島賢二
Kenji Matsushima
Composer 一之瀬剛
Gō Ichinose
Arrangement 一之瀬剛
Gō Ichinose

Slateport City is a song that appears on the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete soundtrack. It is performed in Japanese by Hiroko Takano.


Japanese English
リン ドン さあ、恐れず まっすぐ 歩こう

潮の香る 名残の風
吹いて 雲の切れ間 日差し射せば
窓から見える海 光、溢れる世界

桟橋離れ 小舟 帆にいっぱい風うけ

リン ドン ほら、鐘の音 高らか 響くよ
楽しい 明日が すぐそこ あるから
迷わず 進もう

月の霞む空に朝日 昇り
夜の帳 幕が明けば
一筋の地平線 光、輝く未来

靴ひも きゅっと 結び 石畳軽くけって

リン ドン さあ、前見て 歩こう 明日へ
優しい 笑顔で 待つ人 いるから
恐れず 進もう

涙が溢れる 悲しいとき
気持ちが挫ける 辛いときも 心に鐘の音

リン ドン ほら、鐘の音 高らか 響くよ

リン ドン ほら、微笑み こぼれる 音色さ

リン ドン さあ、前見て 歩こう 明日へ

ララララ ララララ
ララララ ララララ
Ding Dong. Come on, don't be afraid to go forward.

The sweet smell of the ocean blows in the traces of a breeze
The sun shines through the rifts in the clouds
The sea of light from the window floods the world.

The boat leaving the pier, the sail full of the wind
Plowing through the waves

Ding Dong. Listen! The bells are chiming from far away.
I'm feeling happy because tomorrow is just around the corner
Hesitating while moving forward

The moon gets hazy as the morning sun climbs into the sky
The curtain of darkness is opened.
A beam of light glitters across the horizon.

Kicking the pavement lightly, while tying the shoelaces tightly
With the face facing up

Ding Dong. Let's take a step toward the future!
Those who wait with a friendly smile though
Fearing the advance

When the tears are flowing
During difficult times, the heart feels broken.

Ding Dong. Listen! The bells are chiming from far away.

Ding Dong. Come on, smiling with the sound spilling out.

Ding Dong. Come, look forward and take a step towards the future!

Lalalala Lalalala
Lalalala Lalalala
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