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===Pokémon Contest===
===Pokémon Contest===
The [[Rank#Main series|Hyper Rank]] [[Pokémon Contest]] House is located in Slateport. Only Pokémon who have beaten the [[Rank#Main series|Super Rank]] can preform here. It is replaced by the [[Battle Tent]] in {{v2|Emerald}}.
The [[Rank#Main series|Hyper Rank]] [[Pokémon Contest]] House is located in Slateport. Only Pokémon who have beaten the [[Rank#Main series|Super Rank]] can perform here. It is replaced by the [[Battle Tent]] in {{v2|Emerald}}.
===Battle Tent===
===Battle Tent===

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Slateport City (Japanese: カイナシティ Kaina City) is a port town on the southern coast of Hoenn. Its motto is "The Port Where People and Pokémon Cross Paths".

North of Slateport City is Route 110, which has a bicycle route as well as a path to Mauville City. South of the city is the beach of Route 109. East of the city is the ocean path of Route 134, but the water's current is too strong to Surf east.

Slateport was created because the clean water made the food abundant in the area, so a local market started to grow. The city is a harbor where ships and boats come and go. There is a lighthouse near the south of Slateport that illuminates the sea for passing ships. It is a great shopping destination with a local Slateport Market. Captain Stern is a big name in Slateport. He is an undersea explorer who runs Stern's Shipyard, building the local Oceanic Museum and also working on the S.S. Tidal which runs in and out of Slateport City after its completion.

Places of interest

The Slateport Market

The Slateport Market is an open-air bazaar featuring items that can't be easily found anywhere else. There is a place to buy Secret Base decorations, vitamins and seaweed there.

Oceanic Museum

Main article: Oceanic Museum

The Oceanic Museum was built by Captain Stern to teach others of the ocean and the ocean floor. There is a PokémonDollar.png50 entrance fee. There are seven exhibits on the first floor and nine exhibits on the second floor about information on different aspects of the ocean and water.

Pokémon Fan Club

Slateport is the home to the headquarters for the Hoenn branch of the Pokémon Fan Club. The people in the Fan Club adore their Pokémon and give friendly advice. One of the women in the fan club will give away a Soothe Bell if the player's Pokémon has a high happiness. In Emerald, people show off their Pokémon in contests because the Pokémon Contest hall in Lilycove City is too far to travel.

Name Rater

The Name Rater of Hoenn lives in Slateport City. As always, he allows trainers to change the nickname of any Pokémon they captured or received in-game. Those traded from outside sources will not be able to be renamed.

Pokémon Contest

The Hyper Rank Pokémon Contest House is located in Slateport. Only Pokémon who have beaten the Super Rank can perform here. It is replaced by the Battle Tent in Emerald.

Battle Tent

Main article: Pokémon Battle Tent

The Battle Tent can only be found in Pokémon Emerald. It is one of four Battle Tents found in Emerald. Entrants pick out three Pokémon from a list of 6 random rentals, all at level 30. Then, three Trainers are battled, having a chance after each battle to possibly trade a Pokémon for one from the person that was just defeated.

Poké Mart

Item Price (PokémonDollar.png)
Poké Ball 200
Great Ball 600
Recovery items
Antidote 100
Parlyz Heal 200
Potion 300
Super Potion 700
Other items
Escape Rope 550
Harbor Mail 50
Repel 350

The Slateport Market

Doll Shop

There is a shopkeeper at the Slateport Market in the bottom-left corner that sells Dolls.

Item Price (PokémonDollar.png)
Azurill Doll 3000
Marill Doll 3000
Skitty Doll 3000

TM Shop

There is another shopkeeper at the Slateport Market in the middle-right side that sells TMs. This shopkeeper only comes later in the game.

Item Price (PokémonDollar.png)
TM10 (Hidden Power) 3000
TM43 (Secret Power) 3000

Energy Guru

Item Price (PokémonDollar.png)
Protein 9800
Iron 9800
Poké Ball 9800
Carbos 9800
Zinc 9800
Calcium 9800
HP Up 9800

Secret Power Club Shop

Item Price (PokémonDollar.png)
Red Brick 500
Blue Brick 500
Yellow Brick 500
Red Balloon 500
Blue Balloon 500
Yellow Balloon 500
C Low Note Mat 500
D Note Mat 500
E Note Mat 500
F Note Mat 500
G Note Mat 500
A Note Mat 500
B Note Mat 500
C High Note Mat 500



Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate

129 Magikarp R S E Old Rod 5-10 70%

072 Tentacool R S E Old Rod 7-10 30%

129 Magikarp R S E Good Rod 10-30 60%

072 Tentacool R S E Good Rod 10-30 25%

320 Wailmer R S E Good Rod 10-30 15%

320 Wailmer R S E Super Rod 20-35 100%

072 Tentacool R S E Surf 5-35 55%

278 Wingull R S E Surf 10-30 40%

279 Pelipper R S E Surf 29 5%

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


The population of Slateport City is 45, making it the third-biggest city in Hoenn, and sixth overall in all regions. Slateport's high population can be attributed to a number of reasons, including its market, beach, and shipyard.

In the anime

In anime, Slateport City is a large city on a cliff overlooking a beautiful beach. Ash and company stop there during Now That's Flower Power! to The Spheal of Approval, May enters her first Pokémon Contest and meets up with her first Pokémon Contest rival, Drew. In The Spheal of Approval, Ash and Max visit the Oceanic Museum and meet Captain Stern, but they are caught in an attack by Team Magma. Slateport City is also the location of the Hoenn Grand Festival in the anime, and it was revisited from Hi Ho Silver Wind! to Rhapsody in Drew.


  • In anime, Slateport City is the hometown of one of May's rivals, Harley.

Name origin

Slateport is a compound of slate, a type of rock, and port, which it is.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Ciudad Portual
  • Italian: Porto Selcepoli

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