Sky Blue Plains (Friend Area)

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Sky Blue Plains あおぞらそうげん
Blue Sky Plains
Sky Blue Plains.png
Predominant type: Normal
Capacity: 13
Method to obtain: Reward from mission
Friend Area

Sky Blue Plains (Japanese: あおぞらそうげん Blue Sky Plains) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that is rewarded to the player after a random rescue mission. After clearing Pitfall Valley, and unlocking this Friend Area, Celebi's Domain is unlocked. After getting this Friend Area, players also receive a mission that unlocks Howling Forest and the end of the mission gives players a level 5 Smeargle. It is in the Plains area, and has the capacity of thirteen Pokémon, all of them of the Normal and Psychic types.



Sky Blue Plains is grassy field that appears to reside on the top of a plateau. A tree grows in the approximate middle of the field, which is the main unique feature that separates it from the Beau Plains and Sacred Field.

In-game data

A grassy plain under a vivid blue sky. Many Pokémon gather here. The large tree in the center is the area's symbol.


Pokémon Location
039 Jigglypuff Evolve Igglybuff
Wish Cave (1F-4F)
Joyous Tower (1F-3F)
040 Wigglytuff Evolve Jigglypuff
108 Lickitung Western Cave (37F-44F)
113 Chansey Joyous Tower (50F, 60F, 77F)
174 Igglybuff Western Cave (10F-13F)
Joyous Tower (40F-46F)
203 Girafarig Solar Cave (1F-4F)
209 Snubbull Western Cave (1F-3F)
210 Granbull Evolve Snubbull
235 Smeargle Howling Forest (End)
Western Cave (4F-6F)
242 Blissey Evolve Chansey
280 Ralts Wish Cave (11F-13F)
281 Kirlia Evolve Ralts
Solar Cave (10F-15F)
282 Gardevoir Evolve Kirlia
Complete Murky Cave

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