Sinnoh Route 209

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Route 0 0番道路
Route 0
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Sinnoh Route 0
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Route 209 is a route in Sinnoh which links Hearthome City with Solaceon City. It is also the location of Lost Tower and Hallowed Tower.



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Name Games Location Levels Rate
All Times
Starly D P Grass 16 20%
Chansey D P Grass 16 5%
Bibarel D P Grass 16-18 35%
Staravia D P Grass 16-18 15%
Mime Jr. D Grass 16 25%
Bonsly P Grass 16 25%
Bibarel D P Grass 16-18 45%
Staravia D P Grass 16-18 25%
Mime Jr. D Grass 16 5%
Bonsly P Grass 16 5%
Bibarel D P Grass 16-18 35%
Staravia D P Grass 16-18 15%
Mime Jr. D Grass 16 5%
Bonsly P Grass 16 5%
Zubat D P Grass 16 10%
Gastly D P Grass 16 10%
Special Pokémon
Snubbull D P Swarms 16 40%


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