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*{{si|Kenny}} has 2 [[ribbons]].
*{{si|Kenny}} has 2 [[ribbons]].
*[[Nando]] has 2 [[ribbons]].
*[[Nando]] has 2 [[ribbons]].
*[[Jessie]] has 1 [[ribbon]].
*[[Jessie]] has 2 [[ribbons]].

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483Dialga.png This article is about an expected future event. The article's contents may change as the event approaches and more information becomes available. Please be cautious when adding information to this article, as rumors and speculation often get confused with fact; avoid any information on this subject which is not confirmed by reliable sources.

The Sinnoh Grand Festival is an event that will likely take place in the anime during the Diamond & Pearl series. In A Stand-Up Sit-Down!, Zoey mentions that the Sinnoh Grand Festival will have a double performance. Pokémon Coordinators who wish to enter it will need five ribbons won from the Sinnoh region contests in order to do so. As of DP095:

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