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アマラ Amara
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark brown and pink
Hometown Paniola Town
Region Alola
Relatives Rango (husband), Kiawe (son), Mimo (daughter), unnamed father or father-in-law
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Anime debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
English voice actor Lipica Jaclyn
Japanese voice actor Ayumi Kida

Sima (Japanese: アマラ Amara) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. She is the mother of Kiawe and Mimo and the wife of Rango.


Sima first appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, at her family's home at Paniola Ranch.

She appeared during a flashback A Crowning Moment of Truth!, where she was with Kiawe and Rango, as they all visited a festival on Akala Island, where Trainers get their Pokémon to wear the Wela Crown (Japanese ヴェラの冠 Crown of Wela).

Sima reappeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!, where the future of the ranch came under threat by a businessman named Viren, who wanted to turn it into a hotel. The ranch was saved when Officer Jenny arrested Viren for forging land owner documents, following his defeat by Marowak.

Sima appeared during a flashback in SM087, where Kiawe revealed that she had been sleeping due to the effects of a Necrozma, whilst he and Mimo worked on the farm.

Sima reappeared in SM093, where she watched Kiawe perform in the school play.


Although Rango manages the ranch, Sima is mainly in charge of the Pokémon.

At the ranch

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Sima's Tauros (multiple)
Tauros (multiple)
Sima and Rango hold several Tauros at their ranch.

Two Tauros later appeared in The Ol' Raise and Switch!, where they were fighting but were calmed down by Lana's Popplio with its water balloons.

Two of them reappeared in Big Sky, Small Fry!, when Kiawe took Lillie, Sophocles, and Mallow to his family's farm.

Several Tauros later appeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!. Ash's Poipole became curious and played with its tail before Pikachu stopped it.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
Sima's Miltank (multiple)
Miltank (multiple)
Sima and Rango hold several Miltank at their ranch.

Two Miltank appeared in The Ol' Raise and Switch!, where they were frightened by the fighting of two Tauros.

Several Miltank appeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!, where Viren, his henchmen, and their Pokémon scared them.

None of Miltank's moves are known.

Debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
Shibu's Mudbray
Mudbray (multiple)
Sima and Rango hold several Mudbray at their ranch.

Several Mudbray appeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!, where they sprayed Viren's car with mud.

None of Mudbray's moves are known.

Debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Sima's Herdier
A Herdier is used to herd all of the ranch's Pokémon.

Herdier reappeared in The Young Flame Strikes Back!, where it alerted Kiawe to the arrival of Viren.

None of Herdier's moves are known.

Debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 喜田あゆ美 Ayumi Kida
English Lipica Jaclyn
Finnish Katja Sirkiä
Italian Alessandra Chiari
Polish Anna Szymańczyk

In the games

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Kiawe's mother does not have a name. She lives in a house in Paniola Town with her husband and son. She has five Magmar that help her with a variety of chores, such as cooking and cleaning.


Magmar (×5)


Language Name Origin
Japanese アマラ Amara From 甘柿 amagaki, sweet persimmon
English, Italian Sima From sami, a species of trees belonging in the same genus as the kiawe

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