Silver Feather

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Silver Feather
Silver Feather
Bag Silver Wing IV Sprite.pngBag Silver Wing Sprite.png
Silver Feather
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation II
Generation II Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation IV Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (HGSS)
Generation V Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Silver Feather (Japanese: ぎんいろのはね Silver Feather), called Silver Wing prior to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, is a Key Item introduced in Generation II. It is a legendary artifact that is associated with Lugia.

In the core series games


With the Silver Wing, the player can encounter Lugia in the depths of the Whirl Islands.


Games Description
GSC A strange, silver-colored feather.
A strange, silvery feather that sparkles.
SV A strange feather that gleams with a silvery color.


Games Method
Pewter City (from an old man near the exit to Route 3)
Goldenrod Radio Tower (from the Director after defeating Team Rocket)



Silver Wing IV Silver Wing
Sprite from
Generation IV
Sprite from
Generation V

In the anime

A Silver Wing in the anime

The Silver Wing appeared in several episodes in the Whirl Islands. In The Mystery is History, Luka rescued Silver from Cassidy and Butch, and explained that she was trying to discover information about a Silver Wing that she got from her great-grandfather, which she now keeps inside a locket. When Silver's parent appeared from the ocean, her Silver Wing began to glow a violent red. When it finally began to trust them and calmed down, the glowing stopped. When everyone went swimming with Silver and its parent, she realized the Silver Wing is a feather from Lugia, and became relieved to have finally unlocked its secret.

On Silver Rock Isle, there is a tale that a crew caught in a storm was rescued by a wild Lugia. From that day forward, the citizens on the island have glorified the Silver Wing, putting it on various trinkets, jewelry, souvenirs, etc.

Another Silver Wing appeared in Showdown At Linoone as one of the items Tokin had picked up.

In the manga

A Silver and Rainbow Wing in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

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As seen in The Escape, Green stole a Rainbow Wing and a Silver Wing from the Masked Man when she and Silver escaped from him, later hiding both feathers in Yellow's straw hat.

Yellow arc

The Silver and Rainbow Wings were seen on Yellow's straw hat. However, they simply appeared to be regular feathers, and their true nature was not revealed until the next arc.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

The Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing were revealed to be on Yellow's hat. These artifacts were used to free Gold from the gap of time inside the Ilex Forest shrine where the Masked Man had trapped him in.

The Masked Man also used a Rainbow Wing and a Silver Wing directly collected from their respective Legendary Pokémon in order to create a GS Ball. Only a capture net created from these two feathers could contain Celebi and allow its holder to travel through time without suffering its negative side effects.

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Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys

A Silver Wing first appeared in The Truth About The Mysterious Whirl Islands!!, under the possession of a talking Slowking living at the Whirl Islands. When Lugia saw Gold as a worthy challenger for it, it created a gust of wind that blew the Silver Wing away from Slowking and into Gold's hand.

In Let's Fight For The Future!!, when the destructive Black Tyranitar attempted to leap over sea from Cianwood to Olivine, Gold used the Silver Wing to call Lugia for help. Responding to Gold's plea, Lugia intercepted the Black Tyranitar as it was moving over the Whirl Islands, blasting it back to Cianwood.


  • For unknown reasons, the Silver Wing's sprite was changed in Generation V, despite it not being used in that generation or any since.
  • Silver Wing's name was changed to Silver Feather in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, despite the item being unobtainable and never mentioned in these games.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 銀色之羽 Ngàhnsīk-jī Yúh *
銀色羽毛 Ngàhnsīk Yúhmòuh *
銀色之翼 Ngàhnsīk-jī Yihk *
Mandarin 銀色之羽 / 银色之羽 Yínsè-zhī Yǔ *
银色羽毛 Yínsè Yǔmáo *
銀色之翼 Yínsè-zhī Yì *
銀色的羽毛 Yínsè-de Yǔmáo *
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Stříbrné pírko
France Flag.png French Argent'Aile
Germany Flag.png German Silberflügel
Italy Flag.png Italian Aladargento
South Korea Flag.png Korean 은빛날개 Eunbin Nalgae
Poland Flag.png Polish Srebrne Skrzydło
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Asa de Prata
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ala Plateada
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Lông vũ màu bạc

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