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Trainers here participated in the conference either before or after the conference Ash entered.
Trainers here participated in the conference either before or after the conference Ash entered.
*[[Jimmy]] of [[New Bark Town]]
*{{jo|Jimmy}} of [[New Bark Town]]
*{{jo|Marina}} of [[New Bark Town]]
*{{jo|Marina}} of [[New Bark Town]]
*[[Reggie]] of [[Veilstone City]]
*[[Reggie]] of [[Veilstone City]]

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File:Silver Town.png
The setting for the competition

The Johto League Silver Conference Victory Tournament, better known as simply the Silver Conference (Japanese: シロガネ大会 Shirogane Conference) is the Johto League general championship competition. It took place from Pop Goes The Sneasel to Johto Photo Finish in the anime.

The conference is held annually in Silver Town, located at the base of Mt. Silver. Competing Trainers are housed in a giant Pokémon Center in the Athlete's Village. All Trainers have a page set up online with a list of their Pokémon.


Opening ceremony

The Silver Conference begins with the passing of the ceremonial torch lit with Ho-Oh's sacred flame. The opening ceremony is so important to the conference that the competition could not be held without it.

The legend

According to legend, the site of the Silver Conference was once the setting for a great war. People fought hard and left the area a war-ravaged place. Both the land and the Pokémon in the area suffered from the humans' hostility and carelessness. Ho-Oh appeared and used its sacred flame to burn life back into the place. Ho-Oh returned things to normal, but one tree continued to burn, serving as a reminder of the event. The fire from that tree was taken and placed in a shrine on Mt. Silver.



The Silver Conference competition is divided into three parts: pre-screening qualifying rounds, semi-finals, and the finals.

Before every match, a digital spinner randomly decides which Trainer will go first. The Pokémon used in the match must be decided before the match and entered into the computer system.


The competition begins with the Athlete's Greeting. Registered Trainers are screened at assigned courts. Most lower skilled Trainers are weeded out in three rounds of one-on-one battles. Trainers are judged based on their battling ability, so a Trainer may still be able to advance to the semi-finals even if he or she has one loss. The Top 48 Trainers move on to the preliminaries.


A point system is employed in the semi-finals. The 48 Trainers are split into 16 groups of 3, and each group, known as a block, participates in a round-robin tournament in a series of three-on-three matches. Three battlepoints are awarded for every win, one point for every draw, and no points for every loss. The 16 Trainers with the most battle points out of the Trainers in their blocks will move on to the finals. In the event of a tie, another round-robin is held.

Final rounds

After a day of no battling, the final battles are held in Silver Stadium with rotating rock, grass, water or ice fields for each battle.

Each Trainer fights a sudden death full battle. After a Trainer's first three Pokémon are defeated, there is a short intermission. Losing Trainers are eliminated and winning Trainers continue on until a Pokémon League Champion is determined.

Trainers who have participated in the Silver Conference

Jon Dickson, the winner, with the Johto League Championship Trophy
Trainer Place
Jon Dickson Winner
Harrison Top 4
Ash Ketchum Top 8
Gary Oak Top 16
Macy Top 48
Jackson Top 48
Salvador Unknown
Darren Unknown

Other participants

Trainers here participated in the conference either before or after the conference Ash entered.


  • The competition is broadcast globally.
  • If Pokémon are caught battling outside of the competition, their Trainers may be disqualified. Sparring, however, is allowed.
  • On the eve of the competition, Gary notices that it is a full moon. After Harrison loses, a quarter moon is present. The time between the two is usually either 8 days (third quarter) or 22 days (first quarter), but only about 12 days are represented on screen.
  • Like the Olympic Games, there is a passing of the torch ceremony at the beginning, and the events are broadcast worldwide.
    • On a related note, the Silver Conference is notable in the sense that it is so far the only main regional Pokémon League to not use a Moltres flame as its torch; instead, it uses Ho-Oh's flame.
  • Max stated that he watched this competition in There's no Place Like Hoenn.

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