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* {{p|Alakazam}} Lv 43
* {{p|Alakazam}} Lv 43
=In [[Pokemon Stadium 2]]=
=In [[Pokémon Stadium 2]]=
Silver is the player's final opponent in the game.
Silver is the player's final opponent in the game.

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Silver is the rival of Gold and Kris, and is about their age. He has long hair and piercing eyes.

Fan speculation is that Silver may be Giovanni's red-haired child, due to Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen's Fame Checker's many references to Pokémon Gold and Silver versions, and to Silver's dark demeanor and detestment of Team Rocket.

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Silver's first (and currently only) appearance in the Pokemon video games took place during the second generation. He was first seen lurking near a window to the Elm Pokémon Laboratory, and he later broke in, stealing a Pokémon (commonly thought to be a Totodile, though this is unproven). He later used this Pokémon to battle with both Gold and Kris, doing this many times as they journeyed through Johto.

Throughout his travels, Silver showed a strong hate for Team Rocket. He strongly interfered with the revived Team Rocket's plans at least twice, including their experiments with radio signals at the Lake of Rage. His stated reason for this dislike was that they are "weak" when cornered, and that he only cares about strong opponents.

Shortly after Kris defeated the Pokémon League, Silver took up training in the Dragon's Den. His personality has been likened by the Dragon Master to be similar to Clair's.


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In Pokémon Stadium 2

Silver is the player's final opponent in the game.

Silver has the following Pokémon in this game:

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