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This article is about the man from The Search for the Legend. For the Trainer who made a cameo appearance in A New Oath, see Silver (game). For the baby Lugia that appeared in an arc in the Whirl Islands, see Silver (Johto).
Silver and his Chikorita.

Silver (Japanese: シルバー Silver) is an adult Pokémon Trainer who appeared in the episode The Search for the Legend. He currently resides on Knot Island. He is extremely powerful and has a strong body to match his strong Pokémon. However, he can be very arrogant and his threatening nature often leads to his eviction from public places. He calls Ritchie "half-pint" and various synonyms throughout the episode.

Silver has a fascination with Moltres, stemming back to when he saw it one night when he was just a boy. From that day, his ultimate goal was to find and battle the legendary bird. Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket made use of this in a plan to capture Moltres but Silver stopped them when he learned their full plan. He did get to have the battle he had dreamed of but it had to be abandoned half-way through due to the eruption of the volcano they were on. Deciding he could wait a little longer, Silver stayed on the island in hopes of battling Moltres when it returned.

Silver in his youth, after seeing Moltres


This listing is of Silver's known Pokémon.

Silver's Chikorita
Chikorita appears to be Silver's favorite Pokémon riding on his shoulders instead of in a Poké Ball, much like other walking Pokémon like, Pikachu and Sparky.

Chikorita's known moves are Razor Leaf and Vine Whip.

Debut The Search for the Legend
Silver's Salamence
Salamence is Silver's main battler. It was able to scare four Gyarados with one Hyper Beam and was used in the battle against Moltres.

Salamence's known moves are Hyper Beam, DragonBreath, Dragon Claw and Double Team.

Debut The Search for the Legend

Similarities to Ash and Ritchie

During the episode, much comparison is made between Silver and Ritchie with Silver even noting that Ritchie reminds him of himself when he was younger. Ritchie then goes on to say that the same features are present in Ash.

There are also other unstated similarities between Silver and Ash. His Salamence parallels Ash's Charizard while his Chikorita parallels Ash's Pikachu. When he was younger, Silver saw Moltres rather like how Ash saw Ho-Oh in the first episode.

Silver actually appears to know of Ash, though there has been no further detail on this so far. As a result, he is now considered to be one of the three main candidates to be Ash's father (the other two being Giovanni and Professor Oak). It should be noted, however, that his knowledge of Ash could easily been from watching him on television in Pokémon League Conferences, much as Max did.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 天田益男 Masuo Amada
English Scottie Ray
European Portuguese Luís Barros
European Spanish David García Vázquez

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