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Sign redirects here. For the Pokémon imagery in Pokémon Snap, see Pokémon sign.

A signpost is a small sign on a route or within a city that tells a player certain pieces of information. They appear in every main series Pokémon game. These signs are generally used for marking locations within the Pokémon world: each route and every city has at least one sign indicating where travelers can get their bearings. They may also describe the location. Sometimes, there will be Trainer Tips written on the signpost, designed for novice players to give helpful tips.

Most signposts are well-maintained, but there are some that have become illegible through age (such as the sign outside the Harbor Inn) or graffiti (such as a sign on an island on Route 110).

The homes of notable people, such as the player, are identified with signs saying whose home it is. Early on, these signs were the same as all other signs, but as graphical improvements were made, they began to change; in Generation IV, notable houses are mostly marked by mailboxes.

In addition to these physical signposts, a small text box will appear in the top corner of the screen in every game since Pokémon Crystal with the information for the player's current location.

In the anime

Signposts have been used in the anime since the original series. In Clefairy and the Moon Stone, Gary vandalized a sign on Kanto Route 4 to read "Gary was here! Ash is a loser!" The first time a route marker was shown was in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, specifically in Following a Maiden's Voyage!.

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