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Side by Side is a special opening that was featured in the anime special short Pichu Bros. in Party Panic that was featured in the Nintendo GameCube game Pokémon Channel. It has been translated from the original Japanese into English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Japanese lyrics

Romaji Translation
Pichu Pichu bokura wa kyōdai
Machi no daremo ga shitte iru!
Pichu Pichu bokura wa kyōdai
Naka no yosa nara sekaiichi!

Kono yo wa nante suteki na
Chiketto no iranai yūenchi!
Hajimete darake no bokura
Dakara omoshiroi!

Chotto shita suriru o sururi to
Kawaseba tanoshii fa fan fan!
Bokura Pichu Pichu burazāzu!

Pichu Pichu bokura wa kyōdai
Kimi mo ima de wa shitte iru!
Pichu Pichu bokura wa kyōdai
Genki no yosa mo sekaiichi!

Kono yo wa nante fushigi na
Tane mo shikake mo nai majikku shō
Bikkuri darake no bokura
Dakara omoshiroi!

Pichu Pichu Pichu Pichu ashita wa
Pichu Pichu Pichu Pichu doko ikō?

Chotto shita hazumi ga kasanatte
Atchi mo kotchi mo pu pun pun!
Tama ni kenka mo shichau no sa!

Chotto shita kikkake ga areba
Sugu ni nakanaori ie iē iē!
Bokura Pichu Pichu burazāzu!

Hyotto shite itsuka wa kimi to
Machi de au kamo ne ra ran ran!

Bokura Pichu Pichu burazāzu!

Sō sa Pichu Pichu burazāzu!

Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
Everybody in town knows!
Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
This is a wonderful world!

What a nice world this is,
There's an amusement park, but I have no ticket!
They're getting rid of us first,
That's funny!

Oh, how thrilling it is,
Dodging is fun, fun fun fun!
We're Pichu Pichu brothers!

Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
You know now too!
Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
The good, healthy world!

Such strange aftermath,
We're full of surprises,

So funny!

Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Tommorow
Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, (???)

Piles were a little bouncy,
Over here and over there, pu pun pun!
Sometimes, you've gotta fight!

If there's an oppurtunity,
Take it immediately, no matter what, no matter what, no matter what!
We're Pichu Pichu brothers!

Maybe one day,
This town will be bigger, la, lan, lan!

We're Pichu Pichu brothers!


English lyrics

They're the Pichu Brothers
but I'm sure you knew that
'Cause these two are known most far and wide
Just try to guess the next place they'll turn up at
You see life's a blast with your best friend by your side

They see the world in their own unique way
An amusement park where everybody gets in free
They never know what's in store for them each day
One things for sure, good times are guaranteed!

Pichu, Pichu, that's their name!
Pichu, Pichu, fun's their game!

Of course, there are days things don't go right
Even the best of buddies sometimes fight
And that's when they turn their whole world upside down!

But bros like these can't stay mad for long,
In no time they're back where they belong
Side by side, it's Pichu and Pichu, oh yeah!

You won't see one without the other
These perfect pals stick brother to brother
Side by side it's Pichu and Pichu! Oh yeah!
Side by side, it's Pichu and Pichu! Yeah!

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