Shoal Cave

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Shoal Cave Unknown
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: North of Mossdeep City, Route 125
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
Hoenn Shoal Cave Map.png
Location of Shoal Cave in Hoenn.
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Shoal Cave (Japanese: あさせのほらあな Shoal Cave) is a location in Hoenn. It is north of Mossdeep City, on Route 125, and is the only place in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald where wild Spheal and Snorunt can be encountered. Shoal Cave has several levels of terrain, only reachable during certain times of the day, due to tides. During high tide, the player may access different areas by using the field move, Surf, that could not be accessed on foot during low tide. The high tide feature greatly limits the amount of area that the player can access, but at the same time, allows the player to explore areas that can not be ventured on when the cave isn't flooded.


Shoal Cave is a cave north of Mossdeep City. The cave has been carved into the side of a rocky mountain rising from the ocean. At certain times of the day, the tides rise, flooding most of the cave. This water can be Surfed on, to access levels of terrain in which the player can not reach on foot while the tide is low. Conversely, during low tide, the player can access areas that are unreachable during high tide, such as the ice floor, the lowest floor in the cave. During low tide, the player may be able to access the ice room containing the Nevermeltice. To access the ice floor, HM04 (Strength) is needed to move boulders. Prior to using HM04, the player encounters a Black Belt, who does not battle, but gives the player a Focus Band.

Obtaining the Shell Bell

Four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells are found in the Shoal Cave. If all four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells are in the bag, the player can give the ingredients to the old man in the first room, and he makes a Shell Bell. The player can only obtain the Shoal Salt during low tide, and can only obtain the Shoal Shell at high tide, and may obtain as many Shell Bells as he or she wants. Immediately after crafting a Shell Bell for the player, the old man prompts the player to find the ingredients for another. However, the player must wait for the tide to change in order to gather the salts and shells again. Shoal Cave is the only place where Shoal Salts and Shoal Shells can be found.


Time of Day Tide
9a.m. - 3p.m. High Tide
3p.m. - 9p.m. Low Tide
9p.m. - 3a.m. High Tide
3a.m. - 9a.m. Low Tide



On Land

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Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate

041 Zubat R S E Ground 45%

042 Golbat R S E Ground 5%

363 Spheal R S E Ground 50%
Surfing and Fishing

072 Tentacool R S E Fishing

129 Magikarp R S E Fishing

072 Tentacool R S E Fishing

129 Magikarp R S E Fishing

320 Wailmer R S E Fishing

320 Wailmer R S E Fishing

041 Zubat R S E Surfing 30%

072 Tentacool R S E Surfing 60%

363 Spheal R S E Surfing 10%

Ice Room

041 Zubat R S E Ground 40%

042 Golbat R S E Ground 5%

361 Snorunt R S E Ground 10%

363 Spheal R S E Ground 45%

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Cueva Cardumen
  • Italian: Grotta Ondosa
  • German: Küstenhöhle

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